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Habitually, the most important things that a working individual in business trip possesses are its phone for communicating with business colleagues and families, passport when travelling for business, identification cards for transactions and credit cards for purchases. When travelling, carry everything you need securely in your pocket through Griffin Passport Wallet iPhone5s Case.

Keep Every Travel Essential in One Place

If you have been traveling a lot, you may want to do away with huge suitcases and sling-on bags. Mobility is an essential aspect for travellers as you do not want to add muscle sores to jet lags, food cuisine change, weather alteration and body clock adjustments. You might just want to grab a few essential things wherever you need to go. These always include passports, your phone and your cards. The Griffin Passport Wallet iPhone5s case is very well capable of carrying all of these.

The case has a compact, one-piece folio design wherein you could just flip open the case whenever you need to access your phone. On the opposite side of the phone are card slots where you could place your company ID, driving license, credit cards, bank cards and the likes. However, the card slots are only limited to two. Deem which two of your cards are the most needed and stick with them. Also, there is a separate pocket for your bills. Cash comes in handy for train tickets, subway passes and maybe some local magazine.

Weighing only 73 grams, this case can just be easily tucked in inside your pocket.

Protection on the Inside

Aside from the privacy that the flap offers, another bonues feature of the Griffin wallet case is that it offers just right protection for your phone. The microseude interiors of this black case readily protects your iPhone5s from abrasions, scratches and smudges. A polished chrome accents includes a hint of flash. When closed, the exposed part of the credit cards could easily scratch your iPhone5s screen. To address this foreseen spoils, you could incorporate anti-scratch screen protector to your iPhone5s.

Similar Folios

The Griffin Passport Wallet iPhone5s Cases are not the only folio type that Griffin offers. In fact, Griffin has a Midtown Wallet with reinforced inside protection and Elan Passport Wallet with a different style. The Midtown Wallet offers a thicker iphone interior holder and weighs a little heavier at 104 grams. It measures 17.5 x 10.5 x 4 cm. On the other hand, the Elan Passport Wallet have the same features except that it has metallic accents and it weighs a little heavier at 85 grams. It is also 1 cm less thick and 0.1 cm lesser in width than the Midtown with 17.5 cm in length, 10.4 cm in width and 3 cm in thickness.

The three Griffin cases have design limits for all three are only available in black external cases. The interiors are light brown and suede in nature.

Other folio cases for the iPhone5s are also available from other brands. There are the JammyLizard leather wallet flip case cover and Moshi Overture Wallet Case Premium Designer Slim Carry Cover Skin.

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