Looks can definitely be deceiving, and don’t let the look of the Siberia Elite deceive you. Its iconic shape is balanced with a lot of new modern features, the perfect blend of classic design meeting high audio technology for your listening pleasures.


Comfort and fit is important in enjoying the lush audio scores and sound effects in any game, and SteelSeries made this one of their trademarks with the lightweight suspension headband system that is famous throughout the gaming world with their Siberia headphone series.

Solid Construction

With the Siberia Elite, they added a steel arc in beaded metal finish to give you additional support for the extra padded leather suspension, ensuring not just luxurious comfort and fit, but they look good on you too!

USB Connectivity

The Siberia comes with a USB sound card that works great with the active noise cancellation retractable microphone, giving you crystal clear transmissions by greatly reducing background noise. One glance at the LED right on the microphone indicates if you are muted or not.

Ear Cup Controls

Getting the microphone on and ready is easy without the need to fumble the cord for inline audio control. Just rotate the dial on the left ear cup to mute or unmute the mic. Volume control is also as easy as rotating the dial on the right ear cup, giving you precision audio control that no other headphones can.

Quality 7.1 Audio

SteelSeries know their sound, with audio drivers and technology engineered from more than a decade of research and development to provide premium audio to gamers for a deeper gaming experience.

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Iconic design meet modern audio

There are many headsets and headphones that offer Dolby Headphone Technologies, a revolution in signal processing technology by delivering up to 7.1 channel surround sound. Siberia Elite raises the bar for audio quality and clarity by including Dolby ProLogic IIx, providing you with a deeper, richer, and more immersive audio experience. Natural surround sound in Dolby ProLogic IIx is more engaging, and special audio effects are made more realistic. With your favourite video games, and the best graphics resolution available, Siberia Elite headphones brings you a different kind of audio and music intensity for a more compelling gaming experience.

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High technology from Steelseries

The Siberia Elite comes with super thick cushions packed with memory foam, and covered in leather to provide your audio experience a level of luxurious comfort. The cushions also completely envelop the ear cup to insulate the driver, creating an insulated chamber that reduces warp resonance for crystal clear acoustic experience. The extra padding also seals around your ear to give you passive noise reduction of the highest level, so you can focus more on what matters the most: great visuals and lush sounds of your favourite games.

The completely redesigned USB sound card offers powerful digital signal processing capabilities, and makes possible for breakthrough features such as multiple Dolby technologies delivery, active noise cancellation, and crystal clear speech.

Hear it the way you want it. SteelSeries Engine 3 gives you the option to define and save your personal 10-band equalizer settings in unlimited profiles. You can set game specific audio profiles, and automatically load them as you launch your game.

Different Games demand different sound schemes. When playing first person shooter games, never miss the approaching footstep of your opponent, or that unmistakable click of a reload by tweaking the equalizer and focus on the mids and highs. For your favourite RPGs, immerse yourself deeper into the fantasy game world setting, from the chirp of the birds to the bone chilling dungeon sounds, delivered in crystal clear audio balance.

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And because games become so much fun when played with friends, make sure you hear them loud and clear, and you are heard in the same way with the active noise cancelling microphone, reducing background noise so you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite is compatible for the major gaming platforms: Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Gaming audio experience has never been this rich, engaging, and compelling, and you haven’t heard how good it can be until you hear it through a SteelSeries Siberia Elite gaming headset.

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