Unique and Elegant Network DATA Center with mass storage and printer support
Small aluminum enclosure design.
Dual core ARM11 processor with Gigabit Ethernet connection.
As network use and broadband becoming more prevalent, the use of network storage is on the rise in combination with home entertainment and network devices. Products such as SmartTV, Xbox, Playstation3, and media/blu-ray players have increased in support for network video and audio streaming standards such as DLNA and UPnP.
The DC01 was designed to be a powerful multimedia network storage server with compact dimensions. Constructed with high quality aluminum outer shell, dual core network processors, ability to function without hard drives, print server capability, and DLNA/UPnP/iTunes compatibility, it enables users to quickly setup a network at home or office for sharing multimedia files.
Graphical User Interface
An all new iSharing web interface allows user to login and store/retrieve data through a web browser with Mac-like graphical user interface that lets user operate instinctively without difficulties. A free App is also available for download from the App Store for use on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to access DC01 from anywhere.
Disk Manager
With rapid advancements, small hard drives are now capable of large data capacity, this allows design team to create DC01 in smaller form factor utilizing the 2.5 SATA drive standard. An additional eSATA port has also been implemented to support connection to external hard drives for storage expansions. Protocols such as RAID0/1/JBOD are supported as well for users to setup stripe array for speed, mirror array for redundancy, or for large partitions. For quick, on the go, storage needs, there are USB ports to support hot-swappable devices.


DC01 supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), which helps monitor hard drive condition and detect potential failure. It can be setup to report warning messages via e-mail to allow users to take preventative action in backing up data from the hard drive.
Printer server
DC01 has built-in printer server capability. Its hardware can support connection up to two USB printers to provide printing ability to all devices in the local area network.
BitTorrent downloader
One of the most widespread functions features in NAS (Network Attached Storage) is the built-in peer to peer BitTorrent downloader. In DC01s download setting, a user can simply click and drag a seed to DC01 to enable it to automatically download files as network environment permits.
Samba Server
DC01 allows administrator to setup user accounts with access limit and data limit. This will ensure that private or secured data can only be accessed by pre-determined individuals or devices.

FTPS server
Contrary to regular FTP servers, DC01’s built-in FTPS server is more secure, which allows users to share data easily but with encryption.
OS support
DC01 supports latest WebDAV to enable cross-platform store and access. This will allow Windows, Mac, or Linux based OS to be supported via the use of web browser.
DLNA / UPnP Server
hrough the built-in DLNA/UPnP server, the DC01 can connect with supported multimedia devices such as Net TV or Smart TV to view photos or videos without the use of a PC in between. It’s the same for playing stored music and internet radio. The integrated DLNA TwonkyMedia protocol also supports streaming to Sony PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox so both devices can access multimedia files stored in the DC01 . Mobile devices such as PlayStation Portable or smart phones with DLNA control point can be used as well to wirelessly access videos and music in the DC01 .
iTunes Server
Apple users will be delighted with DC01s music sharing ability. Music files such as mp3 can be stored in the DC01 and shared via network to Mac or PC running iTunes.
Power Management
DC01 supports uninterrupted USB power delivery (USB/HID UPS). When unexpected power outage occurs, the DC01 can automatically react and protect against accidental data loss. When power delivery is abnormal, the DC01 can also automatically enter into standby mode and when power delivery returns to normal level, it will resume to whatever activity it was on before standby.
Trash manager
Similar to “recycle bin” functionality on a desktop PC, when you delete data in the DC01 , it moves the data to a recycle folder. This will allow users to retrieve data that is accidentally deleted.
Event log system
DC01 records all connection records, including ones through Samba, FTPS, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, internet services, and login information of account users. An administrator can easily monitor all activities that happens on DC01 .
SST-DC01 Hardware Specification
Core IC

Dual-core ARM 11 processor
Each core running at 750MHz


256MB NAND flash


Realtek Gigibit Ethernet controller
Auto-Negotiation, Crossover Detection & Auto-Correction

Hard drive interface

Internal 2.5 SATA hard drive space
(compatible with 9.5mm & 12.5mm models)

External eSATA hard drive port
RAID function

Integrated SATA 3Gb host ports with hardware RAID 0 and RAID 1 engines.

USB interface

Two USB 2.0 host ports

Front IO

1 X Dual color LED to indicate status.
Blue light Power, Ready and Standby status.
Red light Error status.

Rear IO

1 X DC 5V Jack
1 X RJ45 Ethernet port with dual LEDs, Link and Activity
1 X eSATA port
2 X USB2.0 host port
1 X Power button
1 X Reset button

Enclosure material

Aluminum + SECC


Black or Silver

Power requirement

DC 5V / 2A

Environmental parameter

Operating Temperature: 5C ~ 40C
Operating Humidity: 20%RH ~ 80%RH
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ 70C
Storage Humidity: 10%RH ~ 90%RH


123mm(W) X 123mm(D) X 33mm(H)


500g10g (exclude internal hard drive)

SST-DC01 Software features
Operation System

Embedded Linux with Diskless support

  1. FTP Service
  2. SAMBA Service
  3. NFS Service (Linux)
  4. Bonjour Service (Mac)
  5. Web Service (WebDAV supported)
  6. iTunes server
  7. DLNA server
  8. Printer server
  9. USB mass storage class
  10. VPN client
  11. Auto Register to VPN/Proxy Server with MAC Address
  12. IPv6 ready
Support Operation System

Windows XP, VISTA and 7 (32/64bit)
Apple MAC OS X

Web browser support
  1. Internet Explorer 7 or later
  2. Firefox 3 or later
  3. Safari 3 or later, iPhone/iPAD support by AP
  4. Google Chrome
Multi Languages support

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(traditional and simplified)

File Systen

Internal HDD EXT3 and EXT4
External HDD - EXT2 ,EXT3, XFS, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS


BitTorrent client
FTP/HTTP download manager

File Manager
  1. Upload (supports drag & drop)
  2. Download
  3. New folder
  4. Rename
  5. Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete
  6. Search File
  7. Show / Play Images and Media Files
  8. Share Folder to NAS User
  9. Share certain Folders/Files to Friends
  1. List Albums
  2. New Album
  3. Delete Album
  4. Rename Album
  5. Share Album (to NAS User)
  6. Publish Album (To NAS/Other Websites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Amazon)
  7. Add Photo/Media Items
  8. Rename Items
  9. Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete Items
  10. Edit Cover image
  11. Edit Description
  12. Show /Play Items
Album show
  1. Toggle View (Thumbnail / List / Slide Show / Flow View / Cooliris)
  2. Show Link (url and <img> tag)
  3. Email to
  4. Download
  5. Change Background
Media format support
  1. Quicktime web Plug-in: aif, aiff, aac, au, bmp, gsm, mov, mid, midi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, m4a, psd, qt, qtif, qif, qti, snd, tif, tiff, wav, 3g2, 3gp.
  2. Flash web Plug-in: flv, mp3, swf.
  3. Windows Mediaplayer plug-in: asx, asf, avi, wma, wmv.
  4. Realplayer plug-in: ra, ram, rm, rpm, rv, smi, smil
  5. Thumbnails: gif, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp, png, mpg, mlv, mpg, mpeg, dat, m2v, vob, tp, ts, avi, mov, asf, mp4, wmv, rm, ra, ram, rmvb, swf, flv, qt, 3gp, h264.
System setup
  1. Get System Information
  2. Register
  3. System Log(startup/system /web server /samba/Mt-daapd/BTPD/NTP)
  4. User Management ( Sync web/ftp/samba/ iTunes)
  5. Firmware Update
  6. Disk Management
    1. Get Disk Information (Internal and External S.M.A.R.T. information).
    2. RAID0, 1, and BIG.
    3. Erase Disk (only Data Disk).
    4. Format Partition (only Data partition).
    5. Resize Partition.
    6. Mount/Remove External Disks.
  7. Disk Power Management
  8. Date and Time
    1. Time Zone.
    2. Date time.
    3. NTP Server.
  9. Network
    1. Host Name
    2. Samba Workgroup.
    3. DHCP.
    4. IP/Mask/Gateway.
    5. DNS.
    6. Jumbo Frame.
  10. Shutdown / Reboot
  11. Email Notification
  12. FTP Service Setup
  13. iTunes Service Setup
  14. BT Configuration Setup

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