M DISC BD-R DL 50GB 6X White Inkjet Printable, Hub Printable 25pk Spindle

Product Number: 98925

Verbatim M DISC™ optical media is the new standard for digital archival storage. Unlike traditional optical media, which utilize dyes that can break down over time, data stored on an M DISC is engraved on a patented inorganic write layer – it will not fade or deteriorate. This unique engraving process renders these archival grade discs practically impervious to environmental exposure, including light, temperature and humidity.

ISO/IEC 16963 standard longevity tests have proven the durability of M DISC technology, and it withstood rigorous testing by the US Department of Defense. Based on ISO/IEC 16963 testing, M DISC media has a projected lifetime of several hundred years.

Designed for widely distributed large data such as scientific images, video, and other commercial application object data, Verbatim M DISC BD-R DL media have a storage capacity of 50GB – allowing you to use fewer discs while archiving your files.

The Verbatim M DISC 6X BD-R DL is inkjet and hub printable, allowing you to create custom disc surfaces and artwork for your discs. Compatible with the latest inkjet disc printers, the printable surface offers full-surface, edge-to-edge printing and rapid-dry ink absorption for clear text and photo-quality images.

  • Projected lifetime of several hundred years (based on ISO/IEC 16963 testing)
  • Stored data is engraved – ultimate archival solution
  • Impervious to environmental exposure, including light, temperature and humidity
  • Withstood rigorous testing for durability by US Department of Defense
  • 50GB storage capacity
  • Create custom disc surface artwork using your inkjet disc printer
  • Rapid-dry ink absorption for clear text and high quality images
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Features &s
  • Why M DISC as an Archival Solution vs. other options?

  • Compatibility

    Verbatim prides itself on producing optical media compatible with more drive manufacturers than any other brand in the world. To ensure writer and autoloader compatibility, Verbatim works closely with hardware manufacturers on all phases of product development.

    M DISC BD-R media is compatible with the latest Blu-ray hardware from leading manufacturers – no special drives required for recording or playback.

    Additionally, BD-R drives are required to be backward compatible with older forms of optical media such as CDs and DVDs. This sets BD-R media apart from other archival solutions such as LTO, which has been known to exhibit compatibility issues between versions. With M DISC BD-R, there’s no need to worry about future compatibility – your data will be available for generations to come

  • Longevity

    With Verbatim M DISC, information is engraved into a patented, inorganic recording layer resistant to light, temperature and humidity. Based on ISO/IEC 16963 testing, M DISC media has a projected lifetime of several hundred years –up to 8X that of most LTO media and up to 60X that of hard disc drives.
  • Random Access – Get your data faster.

    Unlike offline storage options, such as LTO, Verbatim BD-R media provides random access, allowing you to navigate directly to the data you need without the need to fast forward or rewind.
  • High Definition

    Blu-Ray® discs are designed specifically to store high-definition files. Using blue-violet laser technology, Blu-Ray® discs can handle up to 1080p resolution, 3-D, CAD, multiple audio formats, and other high-density file formats.
  • Printable Surfaces

    Discs with printable surfaces allow you to keep your important files labeled and organized with no hassle. Verbatim offers two types of printable discs: white inkjet hub and white thermal hub.

    White Inkjet Hub
    Specially designed for use with inkjet printers, Verbatim M DISC white inkjet printable media offers full-surface, edge-to-edge printing and superior fast-drying ink absorption for clear text and high-resolution, photo-quality images. Create custom labels to organize your important files with ease, using your inkjet disc printer.

    White Thermal Hub
    Verbatim M DISC white thermal media surfaces are formulated for use with thermal printers to produce photo-quality images with glossy, rich color and high surface durability. Hub printable, these discs allow you to create high-quality, edge-to-edge labels for your M DISC media. Verbatim thermal media is extensively tested for compatibility with leading thermal disc printers to ensure optimum performance and reliability

  • Who can utilize M DISC BD-R media as a long-term archival solution?

  • Government agencies

    • Great for official documents and data management
    • Find specific records quickly and easily
  • Medical professionals

    • Long term solution perfect for compliance requirements
    • Ideal for x-rays and other detailed imagery
    • Quickly access patient records and files.
  • Educational institutions

    • Long-term, low-cost archival solution – scalable and budget friendly.
  • Law Enforcement/Security

    • Easily store and access HD videos, surveillance and security footage
  • Design/Architecture firms

    • Store detailed CAD drawings, plans and renderings in high-definition quality.
  • Libraries

    • Great for archiving different types of media – photographs, video, digital magazines, and more!.
  • Financial institutions

    • Secure, local storage of financial records with low cost of ownership
  • Audio/visual professionals

    • Ideal media for storing HD files such as video, 3D animations and more.


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