Qnap Systems TS-231P2-1G 2-Bay NAS System - Diskless


The TS-231P2 features three USB 3.0 ports and dual Gigabit LAN ports, delivering outstanding multitasking performance for your backup, synchronization, and remote access needs on a secure private cloud. The quad-core TS-231P2 provides powerful hardware capabilities, enabling Qfiling (automated file organization) and Qsirch (full-text search) for more intelligent day-to-day NAS use. Many feature-rich apps are available to enhance your productivity & digital life, including Notes Station (create digital notes on a secure private cloud and share with colleagues and friends), QmailAgent (centralize email account management and back up emails), and Qcontactz (centrally store and manage contact information). The TS-231P2 also supports Snapshots, allowing you to easily restore your TS-231P2 to a previous state in the event of an unexpected NAS failure or when struck by a ransomware attack. Whats more, you can now integrate various IoT devices into your TS-231P2 and quickly develop, deploy, and host IoT applications with QNAPs innovative QIoT Suite Lite.

  • Quad-core 1.7GHz processor with up to 8 GB memory
  • Supports Qfiling automated file organization and Qsirch full-text search engine
  • Full NAS encryption using volume-based technology and hardware acceleration
  • Rapidly develop and deploy IoT applications with Container Station and QIoT Suite Lite
  • Supports QmailAgent as a mailroom center and Qcontactz for centralizing contact information
  • Stream your multimedia library via DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Build a surveillance center to safeguard your home and office

Quad-core processor delivers high performance

Equipped with an AnnapurnaLabs, an Amazon company Alpine AL-314 quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 processor, 1GB/4GB DDR3 RAM (expandable to 8GB), the TS-231P2 is a high-performance NAS for home, workgroups and SOHO users providing outstanding performance of up to 209 MB/s read & 157 MB/s write throughput. With AES 256-bit full NAS volume encryption, the TS-231P2 provides transfer speeds of over 157 MB/s, boosting system performance and security while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive personal data stored in the NAS. When used with a compatible 802.11ac or dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11n USB Wi-Fi adapter, the TS-231P2 becomes an ideal media center with remarkably high speeds for transferring a large amount of files and streaming bandwidth-intensive multimedia.

Tested in QNAP Labs. Figures may vary by environment.

Test Environment:

OS: QTS 4.3.3
Volume type: RAID1; 2 x Seagate ST1000NM0033-9ZM173 1TB HDDs: NAS and PCs are connected
Client PCs:
Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz CPU; DDR3 1600Hz 16GB; Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB; Intel Gigabit CT( MTU 1500 ) ; Microsoft Windows 10 64bit

SSD cache acceleration

The TS-231P2 supports SSD caching to greatly boost the IOPS performance of storage volumes and increase operational efficiency. It is perfect for improving the overall workflow of IOPS-demanding applications and allows the best of both cost and performance by combining SSDs with HDDs.

High Efficiency with dual LAN support

The TS-231P2 supports multiple port-trunking modes, enabling administrators to set up link aggregation to increase total data transmission potential. Failover and dual IP are also supported to ensure continuous system operations. Supported port-trunking modes include: Balance-rr (Round-Robin), Active Backup, Balance XOR, Broadcast, IEEE 802.3ad, Balance-tlb (Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing) and Balance-alb (Adaptive Load Balancing).

Fast Disaster Recovery with Snapshots

The TS-231P2 supports block-based Snapshots, which can record and save the state of the file system and the metadata of the files outside the file system at any time. In the event of an unexpected NAS failure or if struck by a ransomware attack, the snapshots remain intact, allowing you to quickly and easily restore the system back to a previous normal state. You can preserve and restore multiple versions of the same file, folder or even the entire volume. The TS-231P2 supports up to 64 snapshots per volume or LUN (up to 256 in total). Snapshot Replica facilitates double protection that replicates snapshots to a remote QNAP NAS or server.

QTS 4.3 The most intelligent and intuitive NAS operating system


With modularized multiple applications and functions, QTS enhances management efficiency, personal productivity, multimedia, and much more. New intelligent agent services have also been added to simplify system operations and management. The user-friendly QTS features an intelligent desktop that allows you to find desired functions quickly, monitor important system information on a real-time basis, open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks concurrently with greater working efficiency, and provides a built-in App Center with install-on-demand apps to extend NAS functionality. QTS breaks the barriers of devices, platforms, and geography to bring optimized cloud experiences and incorporates advanced features.

Qfiling automates your file organization

Qfiling helps automate file organization for sorting files spread through multiple folders, helping reduce the time needed to find important files. Users can categorize files and determine filing conditions; and schedule filing tasks to be carried out periodically. The Recipe feature allows users to save frequently-used filing conditions as an exclusive recipe, then the next Qfiling task can be run with just one click using the recipe.

Qsirch - A smarter, faster way to search

The TS-231P2 supports Qsirch, a search tool for quick file searching. Qsirch supports thumbnail previews, and even remembers your search history, allowing you to quickly navigate to files you've previously searched for. The revamped Qsirch adds search operators and advanced search filter and tags, allowing you to find files faster with more precise results. Qsirch also provides a Helper for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows you to search for files on your NAS when you use Google Search. Qsirch is a huge productivity boost that greatly reduces the time spent looking for files on the NAS, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Start developing IoT apps with Container Station

Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux systems on the TS-231P2 as well as download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry for unlimited containerized applications. What's better, Container Station supports the QIoT Containers platform that helps quickly structure your IoT environment and deployment on your private IoT cloud, boosting microservices and modernizing legacy applications to drive more business opportunities.

Modularized IoT apps with QIoT Suite Lite

QNAP QIoT Suite Lite supports MQTT(s), HTTP(s) and CoAP, allowing you to integrate a wide range of IoT devices and sensors into your TS-231P2. QIoT Suite Lite leverages popular tools, including Node-RED and Freeboard, to provide useful modularized tools and helps you to create IoT environments by simply adding devices, setting rules, and creating dashboards. You can also use the TS-231P2 as a fog computing node within a larger public IoT infrastructure to help filter data before sending it to the cloud and thereby reduce cloud bandwidth, storage, and processing costs.

Centralized email and contact management for improved communication workflows

It can be hard to manage emails and contact information that are scattered across multiple computers, devices, and accounts - not to mention if important emails or contact information are lost or become inaccessible due to account closure or device malfunction/loss. QNAP QmailAgent and Qcontactz helps you centrally store and manage emails and contact information, making them accessible to all of your devices at any time - and with the powerful Qsirch search engine, you can easily find specific contacts and emails whenever needed.

Take, store, share, and collaborate on notes with Notes Station

Notes Station helps organize notes for your personal and working life. You can easily edit text, insert images/files from the NAS, fine-tune images with the image-editing tool, create sharing links to share notes, backup/restore your notes with snapshots, and ensure privacy with password protection and encryption. You can also invite people to collaborate on notes for greater teamwork! Notes Station provides a safe and convenient way of taking notes that are fully under your control on your TS-231P2's private cloud.

IFTTT Agent automates your workflow

IFTTT (If This Then That) is currently one of the most popular web automation services. With QNAP IFTTT Agent you can create a near-unlimited number of NAS-related applets on the IFTTT website for greater automation and to boost your productivity. For example, if you set a trigger as Any new photo (using Android Photos service) and the action as "Download the URL to QNAP NAS (using QNAP service)," then all the photos taken using your Android device will be automatically downloaded to TS-231P2. With IFTTT Agent, you can make your TS-231P2 smarter than ever.

Data backup, recovery, and synchronization

Hybrid Backup Sync provides a well-rounded solution for data backup, file synchronization and disaster recovery. With Hybrid Backup Sync, you can easily and securely back up data from your NAS to several local, remote and cloud storage spaces. In the event of a system crash or critical hardware failure, you can quickly restore data from these storage spaces, minimizing downtime and reducing overall loss. Hybrid Backup Sync also takes advantage of cloud storage for one-way sync of your data to cloud storage through RTRR, Rsync, FTP, SMB protocol, or two-way sync your NAS with remote NAS/cloud services.

Share and sync files across devices

The TS-231P2 supports SMB, NFS and AFP, allowing you to quickly share files to Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX devices. With QNAP's Qsync utility, the TS-231P2 becomes a safe data center for file synchronization with huge storage potential. Any file uploaded to TS-231P2 can be synchronized to all the linked devices such as computers, laptops and mobile devices. You can also sync shared folders to increase the flexibility of collaboration and file sharing.

Comprehensive security to protect your data

In open network environments, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. The TS-231P2 provides numerous security options, such as antivirus, encrypted access, IP blocking, 2-step verification, and more. IT administrators can also control the access rights of each user to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files. The TS-231P2 supports AES 256-bit encryption, preventing sensitive business data from unauthorized access and breach even if the hard drives or the entire system were stolen. Windows AD server, LDAP server, and built-in LDAP service are also supported.

Comprehensive surveillance solution providing 24/7 security

Surveillance Station is a professional network surveillance Video Management System (VMS) that offers a user-friendly management interface, over 3,000 compatible IP camera models, and expandable IP camera channel licenses. It supports real-time monitoring, video & audio recording and playback with a wide range of customizable settings. You can also install the Vmobile app on your iOS or Android devices to manage the monitored channels anytime and anywhere, or install the Vcam mobile app to turn your device into a network camera to instantly record to your TS-231P2. The TS-231P2 offers 2 free IP camera channels and you can expand up to 25 channels by purchasing additionallicenses. With the newly-developed QUSBCam2 App, you can use a USB camera as an ONVIF network camera. Simply connect it to your TS-231P2, and you can view real-time images without installing any software. Through Surveillance Station, you can even store recordings for playback, allowing you to build a surveillance system with minimum budget.

Archive your photo memories. Share your life.

Photo Station makes photo sharing simple, and you can designate your own access right controls. Simply upload your photos to the TS-231P2 to create & organize your photo albums through a web browser, and share with your family and friends through social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. With the Qfile and Qphoto mobile apps (for iOS and Android), you can also instantly upload your new photos from your mobile device to the TS-231P2.

Build your home music library and enjoy music anywhere

Music Station helps categorize your music collection, and displays album covers to easily organize your personal playlists. With the Music Station web player, you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere with a few clicks. Thousands of local and global online Internet radio programs are also built-in to Music Station for you to enjoy.

  • Stream via Airplay and DLNA for music throughout your home.
  • Listen to your favorite songs streamed from iTunes Server, or play music via web browsers on your PC.
  • Listen to your music on mobile devices using the Qmusic app.

Enjoy media freely with multi-zone multimedia control

Use your TS-231P2 as a multi-zone multimedia system to fill every corner of your house with your choice of media. You can centrally manage and stream photos, music and videos from the TS-231P2 to different rooms from a single device using Bluetooth & USB devices connected to the TS-231P2 (music streaming only), DLNA, Apple TV and Chromecast*. Every room member in different zones can enjoy the convenience and simplicity for media playback and multimedia storage. The TS-231P2 is also a powerful streaming machine with DLNA, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV support with the support of Plex Media Server.

24/7 download center

The TS-231P2 is the perfect download center for high-speed BT, Magnet, PT (Private Trackers), FTP/FTPS, and HTTP/HTTPS downloads, and supports loading RSS feeds. After you have finished setting your download tasks, you can turn off your computer and the TS-231P2 will silently finish downloading them. By installing the Qget app on your mobile device, you can easily search for download sources, download contents to the NAS, and manage download tasks on mobile devices from anywhere.

Easily expand storage capacity

The TS-231P2 supports online capacity expansion by connecting two QNAP expansion enclosures for storing rapidly-growing data, especially ideal for storage-intensive applications such as video surveillance, data archiving, TV broadcast storage, and more. You can gradually expand the TS-231P2's storage on demand, and use the QTS Storage Manager to easily handle the NAS capacity expansion and storage expansion enclosure management. With the support of QJBOD Express (JBOD enclosures roaming)*, you can just connect a large capacity QNAP expansion enclosure to the TS-231P2, and migrate data to another NAS through the JBOD enclosure without network connectivity.

The maximum number of drives available by connecting the QNAP expansion enclosure:

QNAP NAS Model QNAP Expansion Enclosure No. of Expansion Enclosures Total HDD No. (NAS + Enclosure)
TS-231P2 UX-800P 2 18
1 10
UX-500P 2 12
1 7

*You must create a separate static volume or storage pool on the UX expansion unit.
Note: To expand a volume over 16TB, please update to QTS 4.3.4 (or later).

Hardware Specifications

Ordering P/N



Annapurna Labs AL-314, 4-core,1.7GHz

System Memory


RAM slot

1 x SODIMM (Max. 8GB)

Flash Memory

512MB NAND flash

Hard Drive Tray


Drive Interface

SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s HDD or SSD; Hot-swappable


3 x USB 3.0 port (Front x1; Rear x 2)

LAN Port

2 x GbE RJ45

LED Indicators

System Status, HDD, USB, LAN


Power, Reset, USB One-Touch-Copy

System Warning


Form Factor



169 x 102 x 219 mm

6.65 x 4.02 x 8.62 inch


1.28kg (2.82 lbs)/ 2.32kg (5.11 lbs)

Power Consumption (W)

HDD standby: 8.81W

In operation: 23.66W



Relative Humidity

5~95% non-condensing, wet bulb: 27C

Power Supply

AC adapter, 65W, 100 - 240V

Sound Level

Operating Low speed: 19.2 dB(A)

Security Design

Kensington security slot


1 x 7cm smart Fan (12V DC)

Software Specifications

Operating System

QTS 4.3 (embedded Linux)

Power Management

1. Wake on LAN

2. Internal hard drive standby mode

3. Scheduled power on/off

4. Automatic power on after power recovery

5. USB and network UPS support with SNMP management

Supported Client OS

1. Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 10 (32/64-bit)

2. Windows Server 2003/2008 R2/2012/2012R2

3. Apple Mac OS X

4. Linux & UNIX

Storage Management

1. QNAP flexible Volume/LUN with thin provisioning and space reclaim

2. Volume types: RAID 0/1, single, JBOD

3. Supports storage pools

4. Supports snapshots

Supports Volume/LUN snapshot

Snapshot manager

Snapshot clone

Snapshot vault

Snapshot replica

Snapshot agent for Microsoft Windows and VMware vSphere

5. Online volume expansion & storage pool expansion

6. Online RAID capacity expansion and online RAID level migration

7. SMART data migration

8. SSD read-only/read-write cache

9. Bad block scan, recovery, and hard drive S.M.A.R.T.

10. RAID recovery

11. Bitmap support

Supported Browsers

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

2. Mozilla Firefox 8+

3. Apple Safari 4+

4. Google Chrome

File System

1. Internal Hard Drive: EXT4

2. External Hard Drive: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+


1. TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6: Dual Stack)*

2. NICs with jumbo frame (failover, multi-IP settings, port trunking/NIC teaming)

3. Service binding based on network interfaces

4. Squid Proxy server

5. Proxy client

6. DHCP client, DHCP server

7. Protocols: CIFS/SMB, AFP (v3.3), NFS(v3), FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, iSCSI, SNMP, SMTP, and SMSC

8. UPnP & Bonjour Discovery

9. USB Wi-Fi Adapter Suppor


1. Syncs les across multiple devices with SSL support

2. Selective synchronization for only syncing specic folders

3. Use team folders as a le center for greater team collaboration (maximum sync

4. tasks: x86:32, ARM:5)

5. Shares les by links via e-mail

6. Policy settings for conicting les and le type lter support

7. Version control: up to 64 versions.

8. Incremental synchronization for HDD space saving

9. Unied privilege management

10. Unied conguration management

11. Supports central conguration mode

12. Supports remote erase / restore

13. Supports shared folders sync

14. Supports Windows & Mac OS

Access Right Management

1. Batch user creation

2. Import/Export users

3. User quota management

4. Local user access control for CIFS, AFP, FTP, and WebDAV

5. Application access control for Photo Station, Music Station, Video Station, and File Station

6. Subfolder permissions support for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP, and File Station management

Web Administration

1. Multi-window, multi-tasking based system management

2. Smart toolbar and dashboard for neat system status display

3. Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

4. SNMP (v2 & v3)

5. Resource monitor

6. Network recycle bin for file deletion via CIFS/SMB, AFP, and File Station

- Automatic Cleanup

- File Type Filter

7. Comprehensive logs (events & connection)

8. Syslog client/server

9. System settings backup and restore

10. Mobile app: Qmanager for remote system monitoring & management


1. Network access protection with auto-blocking: SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, CIFS/SMB, AFP

2. CIFS host access control for shared folders

3. FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256-bit volume-based and shared folder data encryption*

4. AES 256-bit external drive encryption

5. Importable SSL certicates

6. Instant alert via E-mail, SMS, beep,and push service

7. 2-step verication

Data encryption functions may be unavailable in accordance with the legislative restrictions of some countries.

Domain Authentication Integration

1. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) & Domain Controller support

2. LDAP server, LDAP client

3. Domain users login via CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP, and File Station

Resource Monitor

1. Monitor NAS system resources including CPU, memory and network.

2. Monitor NAS storage resources including volumes, RAID, and disk activity.

3. Monitor the resource usage of NAS applications.

Multilingual Support

1. Chinese (Traditional & Simplied), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

myQNAPcloud Service

1. Private cloud storage and sharing

2. Free host name registration (DDNS)

3. Supports myQNAPcloud SSL certicates (DDNS)

4. Auto router conguration (via UPnP)

5. Web-based le manager with HTTPS 2048-bit encryption

6. CloudLink for remote access without any complicated router setup

7. myQNAPcloud connect for easy VPN connection (Windows VPN utility)

Powerful All-in-one server

File Server

1. File sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX

2. Windows ACL

3. Advanced folder permissions for CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP

4. Shared folder aggregation (CIFS/SMB) monitoring & management

FTP Server

1. FTP over SSL/TLS (Explicit)

2. FXP support

3. Passive ftp port range control

Hybrid Backup Sync

1. Scheduled backup to local and remote storage spaces

2. Multiple backup versions with user-dened retention time for local and remote backup

3. Syncing with remote servers through RTRR, Rsync, FTP, and CIFS/SMB

4. Support for Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift, and WebDAV

5. Syncing with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Yandex Disk, Box, and hubiC

6. RTRR server and client functionality with bandwidth control

7. Rsync server functionality with download bandwidth control

8. Encryption, compression, and le lters

9. Centralized management for backup, restoration, and sync jobs

10. Support for Apple Time Machine

11. Data backup to multiple external storage devices


1. One-way scheduled sync of contacts from multiple Google accounts

2. Import contacts from file: CSV or vCard 3.0

3. Export contacts into a file: CSV and vCard 3.0

4. Find duplicate contacts and merge them

5. Snapshot management for your contacts database

6. Manage contacts: Groups, favorite, lock, search, delete & restore

7. Supported for mobile: Android and iPhone

Notes Station

1. New user interface

2. New collaborative editor for multi-user text editing.

3. New spreadsheet editor for creating tables.

4. Online quick preview of multimedia attachments

5. Smart snapshot for version control

6. Full site backup for admin user - coming soon.

Surveillance Station

1. Supports over 3,000 IP cameras

2. Includes 2 free camera licenses, up to 30 camera channels via additional license purchase

3. Instant playback to check recent events

4. Online editing to edit cameras during live view

5. Visual aid by e-map

6. Playback and speed control using the shuttle bar

7. Video preview on playback timeline

8. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) for advanced video searching

9. Surveillance client for Mac

10. Mobile surveillance app: Vmobile (iOS and Android)

11. Mobile recording app: Vcam (iOS and Android)

AirPlay & Chromecast

1. Streams videos, photos and music from NAS to Apple TV or Chromecast via File Station, Music Station, Photo Station, Video Station or mobile app (Qle, Qmusic, Qphoto or Qvideo).

2. Note: Media Streaming add-on app from the App Center is required

Photo Station

1. Show photos by thumbnails, list, timeline, or folder view

2. Supports virtual/smart albums

3. Validity control for sharing albums

4. Tag photos with text, colors, and ratings

5. Slideshows with background music and different transition effects

6. Geotag photos and display them on Google maps

7. Advanced search by tags, metadata, etc

8. Supports uploading photos/videos to Picasa, Flickr, Weibo, YouTube

9. Share slideshows links to social websites or by email

10. Supports Facebook friends login

11. Backup/Restore album conguration

File Station

1. Supports mounting a Cloud Drive (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yandex Disk and Box).

2. Supports mounting remote shared folders through FTP, WebDAV or Microsoft networking (SMB/CIFS)

3. Supports opening documents via Ofce Online, Google Docs or Chrome Extension (Edit Ofce les in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides)

4. Supports ISO Mounting (Up to 256 ISO Files)

5. Supports thumbnail display of multimedia les

6. Supports sharing download links and upload links

7. Supports sharing to other NAS users

8. Drag-n-drop Files via Chrome and Firefox Browsers

9. Photo, music, and video preview and playback

10. File Compression (ZIP or 7z)

11. Supports displaying subtitles (*.SRT, UTF-8 format)

12. Supports slideshow playback in media viewer

13. Mobile App: Qle for le browsing and management

QVPN Service (Integrated VPN Server, VPN Client and L2TP/IPSec VPN Services)

1. VPN Server: Secure remote access with PPTPL2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN VPN services

2. VPN Server: Up to 100 clients.

3. VPN Server: Supports domain users as VPN users.

4. VPN Client: Supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN VPN protocols.

5. VPN Client: Supports importing .ovpn files to create OpenVPN connection.

Download Station

1. PC-less BT, FTP/FTPS, and HTTP/HTTPS, Thunder, FlashGet and qqdl download (up to 500 Tasks)

2. BT download with Magnet Link and PT support

3. Scheduled download and bandwidth control

4. RSS subscription and download (broadcatching)

5. BT search

6. Proxy support for BT download

7. Mobile app: Qget for downloads browsing and management

Storage Plug & Connect

1. Creating and mapping shared folders by QNAP Windows Qnder Pro

2. Creation of and connection to iSCSI target/LUN

iTunes Server

1. Audio and video sharing for Windows & Mac iTunes

Container Station

1. Supports LXC and Docker

2. Supports CPU/Memory management

3. Download applications from the built-in Docker Hub Registry

4. Supports one-click installation, container export/import & console mode

5. Supports mounting NAS shared folders and data-only containers

6. Supports auto port forwarding

7. Supports auto-start containers

8. Supports downloading Docker certicates


1. Supports full-text search

2. Supports near real-time search

3. Bar chart to show data distribution

4. Supports previews for photos, music, videos, Gmail, PDF .etc

5. Customized search filters

6. Supports cloud viewers for previewing document.

7. Show search results using thumbnails or a list

8. Supports search Chrome extension

* Supported models: All QNAP NAS with at least 2GB RAM


1. Supports auto filing

2. Support recipe function

3. Support iSCSI, USB, DVD and remote NAS as archiving devices

4. Support advanced settings

Delete original files

Intelligent subtitle filing for videos

Data integrity check

File conflict policy

5. Supported models: All QNAP NAS with at least 2GB RAM

DLNA Server

1. Supports DLNA/UPnP TVs and players such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

2. Supported audio formats: AIFF, APE, DSD (DSF, DFF), FLAC, M4A, M4A Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, OggVorbis, WAV (PCM, LPCM), WMA, WMA PRO, WMA VBR*

3. Support CUE indexing le for APE, FLAC audio format.

*DRM-protected content is not supported.


1. iSCSI target with multi-LUNs per target (Up to 256 targets/LUNs combined)

2. Supports LUN mapping & masking

3. Online LUN capacity expansion

4. Support for SPC-3 persistent reservation

5. Supports MPIO & MC/S

6. iSCSI LUN backup, one-time snapshot, and restoration

7. iSCSI connection and management by QNAP Windows Qnder Pro

8. Virtual disk drive (via iSCSI initiator)

9. Max No. of virtual disk drives: 8

Video Station

1. Supports virtual/smart collections

2. Tag videos with text, color, and ratings

3. Share video links to social websites or through email

4. Sort videos automatically into dened classications

5. Display movie posters from IMDB or user upload

6. Supports displaying subtitles (*.SRT,*.ASS, *.SSA)

7. Supports Facebook friends login

8. Supports custom video classication

9. Supports multi-zone video display

10. Mobile app: Qvideo for online video browsing and management

Print Server

1. SMax number of printers: 3

2. Supports Internet Printing Protocol

3. Print job display and management

4. IP-based and domain name-based privilege control

App Center

1. Ofcial and community software add-ons such as Signage Station and Notes Station

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Warranty: 2 Year

Full manufacturers warranty details are available at the manufacturers web site.

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