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The Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In is Addonics 2nd generation encryption solution with support of SATA 6G speed. It is a high performance and simple solution to secure any 3.5" or 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD with FIPS certified AES 256-bit full disk hardware encryption. Connects to any system via eSATA or USB 3.1/3.0 port, drives are added or removed from the Sapphire Cipher Snap-In like a VHS cassette. Encryption is activated by a simple insertion of a Cipher key, just like locking the door. There is no password to remember or special software to install. If the drive is stolen or lost, all the information is inaccessible without the Cipher key. The drive will appear as a blank drive without any traces of data when it is connected to a system.TheSapphire Cipher II Snap-Inis OS independent andcan be connected to any system. It is the ideal security solution for organizations with heterogeneous computing environments and legacy systems,for securing sensitive data stored on any hard drive or for transporting hard drives containing sensitive information.

Constructed with a rugged aluminum body for tough handling and effective heat dissipation, the Sapphire Cipher Snap-In System comes in a choice of models with eSATA or a combo eSATA / USB 3.0 interface for easy connection to any Desktop or Notebook system.

High Performance
The Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In encrypts and decrypts data on the fly using an onboardFIPS 140-2 certified AES crypto enginefrom Enova Technology. Unlike software encryption products that depend on the system CPU to encrypt and decrypt the data, the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In has no impact on CPU utilization. This allows the system CPU to perform its computing tasks at normal speed. The Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In has minimal impact on the performance of the hard drive or SSD.

Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In is a full disk encryption solution, meaning that the boot sector, partition table, and all the information in the drive are encrypted. Storage devices protected by the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In are inaccessible without the Cipher key. When the drive in the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In is connected as a boot drive to a system, it will beinoperable without the Cipher key. If the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In encrypted drive is stolen and then is connected to another system, the drive will appear as a brand new drive with no trace of any data. For further security enhancement, Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In also supports HMAC key (Key-Hash Message Authentication Code).

Use as a Cipher key programmer
The Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In can be used for programming or duplicating the Cipher key code using the AddonicsRNG softwareutility (a software sold separately). This allows users to manage their own key code and is highly recommended for multiple units deployment.

Choice of standard Cipher (SC) key or HMAC key (Key-Hash Message Authentication Code)
The standard Cipher key stores the cipher code in plain text. Addonics first generation of CipherChain, Diamond Cipher and Ruby Cipher can only be authenticated with this SC key. This type of key is also compatible with the new Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In product. Although you can use the same key code for both the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In and the Addonics first generation Cipher products, the encrypted hard drives are not compatible. In other words, drives encrypted in Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In cannot be attached to the first generation of Cipher product and vice versa.

The HMAC keydoes not store any key code. Its authentication requires two ways communication with the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In and the original encrypted hard drive. The HMAC key cannot be duplicated. The original key file, generated by theAddonics RNG software PRO, is required to program additional HMAC key. So when a HMAC key is lost or stolen, the key code cannot be copied or hacked. HMAC key is supported only by the 6G SATA hardware encryption products.

Illustration of drive installation/removal and
the insertion of Cipher key
(hard drive is for illustration only and is not part of the product)
Front view

Rear view for model with eSATA connection
(can also connect to USB 3.1/3.0/2.0 connection using optional
eSATAp-USB 3.1 adapter, modelADU31ESP)
Rear View for model with
integrated USB 3.1/3.0/2.0

Rear view of model with integrated USB 3.1 and eSATA connection

Drive sanitizing
The Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In can also be used to sanitize drives ~ wiping clean all previous data on a used hard drive by using the following operation procedures:

  1. Install the hard drive that is to be sanitized into the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In.
  2. Initialize and perform a standard formatting (not quick format) of the hard drive with the Cipher key.
  3. Transfer unimportant data to completely fill the hard drive inside the Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In.This essentially writes over every sector in the hard drive or the flash media with unimportant encrypted data that are invisible to any OS. The drive or the flash media, when connects directly to a system, will appear as a brand new media with no trace of any data.
  4. Now connect the drive directly to any computer. Initialize and format the hard drive with any OS to use it as a brand new hard drive.

2.5" hard drive can also be installed into this Sapphire device using the Addonics optionalSnap-In 25, a 2.5" - 3.5" SATA HDD adapter.

Snap-In 25 on the left has the exact same dimension of the
3.5" hard drive on the right

Installing 2.5" SATA drive into the Snap-In 25

M2 card, mSATA SSD, CFast, CF, slim SATA or micro SATA HDD/SSD card can be loaded into the Snap-In 25 with the following optional adapters

Shown with media side facing up

2.5" M2/mSATA SSD drive
kit (AD25M2MSA)

CFast card in 2.5" CFast
drive kit (AD25CFASTD-N)

CF card in 2.5" CF drive kit

Slim SATA SSD 2.5" HDD
adapter (AA25SEMBK)

1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA
HDD adapter (AD18M25S)

note: the flash cards shown above are for illustration purpose and are not part of the flash drive adapter

  • Great for the following applications:
    • Prevent sensitive data from unauthorized access when the hard drive is lost or stolen
    • Shipping or transporting hard drives containing sensitive data.
    • Sanitizing used hard drives
  • Support following hard drive:
    • any 3.5" SATA hard drive
    • any 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD using the optional Addonics 3.5" to 2.5" drive converter (model:AE25SN35SA)
  • Maximum throughput ~ up to 6Gbps. Actual performance depends on the media and the system hardware.
  • Drives are added or removed similar to using a VHS cassette. No special tool is required.
  • Choice of model with connection via eSATA, USB 3.1/3.0 only or both eSATA and USB 3.1/3.0/2.0
  • FIPS 140-2 certified Crypto Module(MX+ crypto engine from Enova Technology)
  • AES 256-bit encryption ~ the highest level of encryption standard
  • Full disk encryption. The encrypted drive, when it is connected to any system, appeared as a brand new drive with no trace of any recoverable data
  • Simple to use - no software to run or any password to remember
  • No training required. Encryption / Decryption via a hardware key , just like using a regular key to open a door.
  • Choice of standard Cipher keyor HMAC key(Key-Hash Message Authentication Code)
  • OptionalRNG softwarefor programming or duplicating Cipher key
  • OS independent ~ can be used on any system

Note on Cipher key code
Each pair of Cipher keys is set with a unique key code. When ordering multiple Cipher kits and extra Cipher keys and wish that all the keys be set to the same key code, please provide instructions at the final checkout when placing the order at our online store. Customers may also e-mail the instructions with reference to the sales order number after final checkout. When ordering from an Addonics reseller or distributor, be sure to leave the instructions when placing the order. Keys can be sent back to Addonics at any time if re-coding is desired there is no charge for re-coding keys, the only charge is the return shipping of the newly re-coded keys.

There is no backdoor for any Addonics encryption product if the Cipher key is lost or stolen.
For models that comes with the SC (standard cipher) key, a pair of keys is included. One of these keys should be kept in a safe, secure location and, if needed, can be sent back to Addonics for duplicating additional keys. If one of the two keys is lost, be sure to make a back up of all the data stored inside the encrypted hard drive prior to sending your last key to Addonics. Addonics is not responsible for keys lost in the mail or the retrieval of the data inside the encrypted hard drive.

For models that come with HMAC key, the key file that is used for programming the HMAC key is sent to the customer for safe keeping. Addonics does not keep any record of the key file. In case of a lost or stolen key, the customer will need to send the key file to Addonics to program the key.

For the HMAC key users, we highly recommend ordering theAddonics RNG software suitePROversion, available with a license for minimum 30 keys. This software allows you to program the SC or HMAC key with your own code or the random number generator built-in the software.

  • Onboard AES 256-bit crypto engine
  • SATA I / II / III compliant
  • Connector on back of the unit:
    • eSATA connector
    • 12V input jack
  • LEDs: Power, Cipher activation, drive access
  • RESET: To clear cipher key code and reset the CipherChain. This also removes the drive icon when the storage device is removed from the Sapphire Cipher External Drive Cartridge System and connecting to USB or a hot-swappable eSATA port.
  • Maximum throughput - up to 6Gbps via eSATA or USB 3.1
  • Light weight, sturdy anodized aluminum housing
  • Low noise high CFM cooling fan
  • Power consumption (excluding the storage media): ~ 1.5 watts
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.88 x 6.88 x 2.00 in ( 251 x 175 x 50.8 mm)
  • Weight: ~ 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) without drive
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 0 C to + 60 C, 5% - 95% (non condensing)
  • Storage temperature and humidity: -40 C to + 70 C, 5% - 90% humidity

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Warranty: 12 Month Return To Base

Full manufacturers warranty details are available at the manufacturers (Addonics) web site.

Unless otherwise specified Techbuy is normally your first point of contact for warranty related returns, further information regarding our warranty policies and consumer guarantees is available on our policies and service & support pages.

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