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C7971A Ultrium Data Cartridge 200GB

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Ultrium is an open-tape storage format developed to meet your exacting and growing storage demands for decades to come.


HP-branded Ultrium media goes beyond simple compliance with the industry standard to endure the rigors of extreme testing. It is subject to drop testing, extreme-temperature testing and extended-life testing similar to that outlined for DDS media. So, while Ultrium media is new to the market, HP-branded Ultrium media has actually stood the test of many years normal use already. HP also has a more stringent specification for servo writing. That means that HP ensures your data is written to the tape within a very tight tolerance, to make sure youve got the greatest chance of reading back your data when you need to restore it. HPs servo code is put through rigorous levels of testing and verification to ensure these tighter tolerances are consistently met, further enhancing interchangeability.

Ultrium is the recording format for LTO technology

The Ultrium format is based on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology - that is, single-reel tape technology that marries enhancements of existing tape technologies with a standard, open format. The Ultrium tape reel links with a second, internal reel in the Ultrium-compliant drive to create a very high capacity, reliable backup solution.

Load⁄unload testing is a priority

The accuracy with which an Ultrium tape reel links to an Ultrium tape drives internal reel is essential to its success. An HP-branded Ultrium tape has a special safety feature and leader-capture mechanism in its leader-pin assembly to ensure that the tape leader meets its mark inside the drive accurately. User data is further safeguarded by a fail-safe mechanism that keeps the drive from proceeding into backup mode until or unless the tape leader has been received. And then the reliability of the load⁄unload procedure is rigorously tested between the HP drive and HP media to ensure that the tape leader is properly grabbed by the drive.

Easily-accessed cartridge memory

Ultrium media features an intelligent memory chip embedded in the cartridge that improves the performance and reliability of the tape drive. LTO-Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) provides access to key information from the tapes in your storage bank without your having to physically load and unload the tape(s). Information such as tape number, number of times the cartridge has been loaded, a redundant file log, and any technical conventions the brand implements within the standard are all include.


Exceptional performance

HPs industry-leading qualification process covers environmental interchange, load⁄unload operations, archiving and aging, drop testing and durability.

Exceptional durability

HP Ultrium media is designed to withstand over 1 million passes and provide an archival storage life of 30 years. Our rugged cartridge mechanism incorporates reduced spring stiffness which eliminates the need for glass-reinforced polycarbonate to be used as part of the shell. Removing the glass-filled resin prevents a residue of debris and dust from building up during load⁄unload operations. This is essential in automated environments.

Ultimate reliability

HP Ultrium media is tested to extremes and designed to support 20,000 loads⁄unloads.

Exceptional capacity

The first generation of HP Ultrium will offer up to 200 GB (compressed) capacity on a single cartridge.

Safe investment, reliable returns

HP Storage Media provides the safest way to protect your valuable information. HP tests its media up to twice the industry standard.

Key Specifications HP Ultrium Data Cartridge 200GB

Media Metal Particle

Encoding RLL 1.7

Tape Speed 2.7 to 5.4 m⁄s

Tape Length 580 m

No. of Tracks 384

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