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ATEN : KVM/Switch Boxes - CPU/KVM
ATEN  ATEN KN1116V 1 Local/1 Remote Console - 16 Port Rackmount USB-PS/2 Cat5 KVM Over IP Switch with VirtualPart Number: 366748$4,662.15
ATEN  ATEN Altusen KM0532 32 Port 5 Console Matrix KVM Switch - Virtual Media, Dual PowerPart Number: 135573$6,009.00
ATEN  ATEN KN2132V KVM Over IP Switch - 1 Local/2 Remote Console, 32 Port Rackmount USB-PS/2 Cat5 KVM Over IP Switch with VMediaPart Number: 318253$6,078.50
ATEN  ATEN VM1600-AT-U VanCryst 16 x 16 Modular Digital Matrix SwitchPart Number: 375245$7,563.05
ATEN  ATEN Altusen KVM Switch - 32 Port Matrix Expansion w. Virtual Media, Audio, Dual Power Part Number: 137315$8,806.30
ATEN  ATEN KVM Switch - 9 Console Matrix, 32 Port w. Virtual Media, Dual PowerPart Number: 137314$9,738.75
ATEN : KVM/Switch Boxes - Manual
ATEN  ATEN 4 Port USB Peripheral Sharing Device - BlackPart Number: 231730$60.10
ATEN  ATEN CS62US 2-Port USB VGA/Audio Cable KVM Switch (0.9m)
  • 2x USB Type A Male (Black), 2x HDB-15 Male (Blue), 2x Mini Stereo Plug Male (Green)
Part Number: 95998
ATEN  ATEN CS-72E Desktop KVM Switch - 2-Port PS/2, Cables IncludedPart Number: 74893$88.85
ATEN  ATEN UC4852 Serial Hub - USB to 2-Port Serial RS-422/485Part Number: 96002$122.20
ATEN  ATEN 2-port USB 3.0 Peripheral Sharing Device - Up to 5Gbps - BlackPart Number: 409087$131.10
ATEN  ATEN CS-74E Desktop KVM Switch - 4-Port PS/2, Cables IncludedPart Number: 74902$133.25
ATEN  ATEN UC4854 Serial Hub - USB to 4-Port Serial RS-422/485Part Number: 96005$142.55
ATEN  ATEN 4-port USB 3.0 Peripheral Sharing Device - Up to up to 5Gbps - BlackPart Number: 409089$174.80
ATEN  ATEN Altusen IP8000 KVM Over Net Management Card - PCIPart Number: 95997$284.65
ATEN  ATEN NRGence Energy Box over IP - Environment Monitoring via Optical Sensors - Compatible with PE1342, PE1216Part Number: 231630$366.60
ATEN  ATEN CE700A KVM Console Extender - USB, 1280x1024 to 150m, Surge ProtectionPart Number: 134678$431.00
ATEN  ATEN CE770 KVM Extender - 1920x1200 up to 150m, w. Deskew Function - For MacPart Number: 140827$794.30
ATEN  ATEN CE800B-AT-U KVM Console Extender - 1600x1200 to 250m, w. USB Type A&B DataportPart Number: 139733$846.40
ATEN  ATEN CE790 USB IP Based Console Extender - 1xLAN, 1xAudio, 2xUSB-Port, 1920x1080 Over IntranetPart Number: 149857$874.00
ATEN  ATEN CE610 DVI KVM Console Extender - 3x USB 2.0 Ports, 1920x1080 to 100m Part Number: 231526$1,731.15
ATEN : KVM/Switch Boxes - Video
ATEN  ATEN VGA EDID Emulator - For KVM or Video ExtenderPart Number: 311335$23.30
ATEN 2-Port 250MHz Video SplitterPart Number: 28671$65.05
ATEN  ATEN 2 Port Video SwitchPart Number: 114761$67.95
ATEN  ATEN VS-132A 2-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134679$82.95
ATEN 4-Port 250MHz Video SplitterPart Number: 28672$90.25
ATEN  ATEN VS-491 Video Switch - 4-Port VGAPart Number: 74903$92.60
ATEN  ATEN VB100 1x Input/ 1x Output VGA Video Amplifier - 1280x1024 (70m), 1920x1080 (30m)Part Number: 231486$100.00
ATEN  ATEN CS22D-AT Petite 2-port USB/DVI-D KVM Switch w. Built-In Cables - 1.2mPart Number: 312053$104.60
ATEN  ATEN VS481A HDMI Switch w. IP Remote - 4-Port HDMI v1.3b, 1080p, HDCPPart Number: 134675$105.15
ATEN  ATEN VS0102 2-Port VGA Splitter with Audio, Up To 1920x1440, 450MHz Video BandwidthPart Number: 225687$105.40
ATEN  ATEN VS0201 Video Switch - 2 Port VGA With Audio and RS232 ControlPart Number: 231634$114.30
ATEN  ATEN VS-98A Video Splitter - 8-Port VGA, up to 65mPart Number: 74905$123.50
ATEN  ATEN 2x Input/2x Output Video Matrix SwitchPart Number: 114750$127.65
ATEN  ATEN VS182 HDMI Splitter - 2-Port HDMI v1.3, 1080p, HDCPPart Number: 96015$128.15
ATEN  ATEN VC010 VGA EDID Emulator - Signaling Rates Up To 2.25 Gbits In Support Of 1080p Display, LED Indication Of Video Source Devices, Supports Wide Screen - BlackPart Number: 375150$146.90
ATEN  ATEN VS-0401 VanCryst 4-Port VGA Video Switch with Audio And RS232 Control Part Number: 315451$150.85
ATEN  ATEN VS-134A 4-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134680$172.40
ATEN  ATEN VS261 2-Port DVI Video Switch - Fully Compliant With DVI-Digital & DVI-Analog, Audio Enabled, Remote Or LED Push Button Selection, Stackable DesignPart Number: 74891$173.40
ATEN  ATEN VS0104 4-Port VGA Splitter with Audio, Up To 1920x1440, 450MHz Video BandwidthPart Number: 225688$175.45
ATEN  ATEN VS-481B VanCryst 4-Port HDMI Video Switch - Supports 340MHz Bandwidth For Ultrahigh 4KX2K Video, Dolby True HD And DTS HD Master AudioPart Number: 389962$185.70
ATEN  ATEN Video Extender - Up to 150m
  • (1280x1024), VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA
Part Number: 114719
ATEN  ATEN 2x Input/4x Output Video Matrix SwitchPart Number: 114751$230.25
ATEN  ATEN VE803 VanCryst HDMI + USB Over Cat5 Extender - 1920x1200 @ 60Hz up to 60mPart Number: 231627$235.00
ATEN  ATEN VS184 HDMI Splitter - 4-Port HDMI v1.3, 1080p, HDCPPart Number: 96017$235.95
ATEN  ATEN VS-881 Video Switch - 8-Port VGA, with IR Remote ControlPart Number: 74907$240.85
ATEN  ATEN 8-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134681$246.75
ATEN  ATEN VS-162 Video Splitter - 2-Port DVIPart Number: 74890$249.60
ATEN  ATEN VS184A 4-Port HDMI Splitter - HDMI (3D, Deep Color, 4kx2k); HDCP Compatible, 1080p or 15M MaxPart Number: 318857$250.00
ATEN  ATEN CE-100 Mini USB KVM Console Extender - 1280x1024, Up to 100m, VGA Gain Control, (No Local Console)Part Number: 185298$263.95
ATEN  ATEN VS0108 8-Port VGA Splitter with Audio, Up To 1920x1440, 450MHz Video BandwidthPart Number: 225690$277.30
ATEN  ATEN VE022 Mini CAT5 VGA/Audio Extender - 1280x1024 @ 60Hz - 150MPart Number: 178109$303.10
ATEN  ATEN 8-Port HDMI Video Switch - 1080pPart Number: 126207$312.00
ATEN  ATEN VS-461 Video Switch - 4-Port DVIPart Number: 74900$312.00
ATEN  ATEN PS2 KVM Console Extender 1280x1024 @ 150m with Surge ProtectionPart Number: 73484$320.40
ATEN  ATEN VGA Over Cat 5 Repeater w. Audio - Adjustable Gain, Up to 150M, 1600x1200Part Number: 137125$332.00
ATEN  ATEN VE600A DVI Audio, Video Extender - Extends DVI-D Video And Audio Up to 200ft at 1080i or 130ft, 1920x1200, 1080pPart Number: 178117$345.35
ATEN  ATEN VC812 HDMI To VGA Converter with ScalerPart Number: 319215$369.95
ATEN  ATEN CS-1782A KVMP Switch w. 7.1 Audio - 2-Port USB, USB Hub, 3D Enabled
  • (Cables Included)
Part Number: 175838
ATEN  ATEN 4-Port Dual View HDMI Switch - Allows Up To Four HDMI A/V Sources To Be Connected To Two HDMI Displays, IR Control Signal Extension, Built-In Bi-Directional RS-232 Serial Control Port, RackmountablePart Number: 186621$415.25
ATEN  ATEN VE812R-AT-U VanCryst HDMI over Single Cat 5 Receiver - For Aten VS181XTPart Number: 394375$421.90
ATEN  ATEN VS-164 Video Splitter - 4-Port DVIPart Number: 74899$444.60
ATEN  ATEN VS1204T 4-Port A/V Over Cat 5 Splitter - Superior Video Quality Up To 1920x1200@60Hz, Audio Enabled (Mono), Built-In 8KV/15KV ESD Protection, RackmountablePart Number: 367418$444.85
ATEN  ATEN VE809 HDMI Wireless Extender - (Up to 30M Range, Full HD 1080p, 3D Supported - 2X HDMI SwitchPart Number: 314064$449.50
ATEN  ATEN VC840-AT-U HDMI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI ConverterPart Number: 375251$470.55
ATEN  ATEN VC480 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI ConverterPart Number: 375249$495.60
ATEN  ATEN Video Extender - 1024x768 @ 60Hz Up to 300M VGA Gain Control with DeskewPart Number: 188704$560.20
ATEN  ATEN VS1208T 8-Port A/V Over Cat 5 Splitter - Superior Video Quality Up To 1920x1200@60Hz, Audio Enabled (Mono), Built-In 8KV/15KV ESD Protection, RackmountablePart Number: 367419$593.45
ATEN  ATEN VS146 6-Port 3G/HD/SD-SDI SplitterPart Number: 375248$645.25
ATEN  ATEN Video/Audio Extender Cat5 150m 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz w/RS-232Part Number: 104971$690.70
ATEN  ATEN VS-1508T Audio/Video Splitter - Over Cat5, With RS-232, 1600x1200, 150mPart Number: 148675$725.30
ATEN  ATEN VS-1804T VanCryst 4-Port HDMI Video Splitter Over Cat5 - 1080p or 40m MaxPart Number: 311810$745.25
ATEN  ATEN HDMI Wireless Video Extender - 4x HDMI, 1x Component, Up To 30m 1080pPart Number: 231523$772.30
ATEN  ATEN CE600-AT-U DVI KVM Extender - 1920x1080 @ 30M Supports Up to 60M & RS232, Built-In 8KV/15KV ESD Protection, Audio Enabled Supports Stereo Speakers & MicrophonePart Number: 184700$780.00
ATEN  ATEN CM0264-AT-U - 2X4 Dual Monitor Matrix USB KVM Switch, 2x DVI, 2xHDMI, With Audio Input Part Number: 148731$792.35
ATEN  ATEN VS-1808T VanCryst 8 Port HDMI Video Splitter - HDMI to Cat5 - 1080p up to 40mPart Number: 311836$969.75
ATEN  ATEN VanCryst HDMI Over Cat5 Video Extender - Audio and Infra-Red Control, Dual DisplayPart Number: 231521$1,120.85
ATEN  ATEN CE604 DVI Dual View KVM Extender With Audtio - RS232, EDID Mode SupportPart Number: 231742$1,148.00
ATEN  ATEN VM0404H-AT-U HDMI 4-In/4-Out Video Matrix Switch - Full HD 1080pPart Number: 147064$1,166.55
ATEN  ATEN VM0808 VanCryst Video Matrix Switch - 16-port (8 IN/8 OUT) VGA+Audio, 1920x1440 @60HzPart Number: 311584$1,940.45
ATEN  ATEN VM0808 8x Input/8x Output Video Matrix Switch - Full HD, 1080pPart Number: 231464$3,307.10
ATEN  ATEN KE6900-AX-U DVI Single Display KVM Over IP ExtenderPart Number: 375136$3,544.70
ATEN  ATEN KE6940-AX-U DVI Dual Display KVM Over IP ExtenderPart Number: 375148$4,508.95
ATEN  ATEN VM5808H-AT-U VanCryst HDMI 8-In/8 Out Video Matrix Switch (Seamless Switching)Part Number: 314686$5,498.25
ATEN : Power Protection/UPS - Rack Mount
ATEN  ATEN PE6108 8-Port Eco PDU(IP) - 10A, Safe Shutdown(Win) Temp & Humidity Sensors, 1UPart Number: 200380$760.45
ATEN : USB/Firewire - USB Converters Adapters
ATEN  ATEN USB to IEEE1284 Printer Port Adapter Cable, 2mtrPart Number: 28654$31.20
ATEN USB to RS232C Serial Adapter Cable, 30cm DB9 MalePart Number: 28655$37.00
ATEN  ATEN USB to 2 Port Serial RS-232 HubPart Number: 83649$84.90
ATEN  ATEN USB to 4 Port Serial RS-232 HubPart Number: 83650$120.85
ATEN : USB/Firewire - USB Hubs
ATEN  ATEN 4-Port USB 2.0 Magnetic HUB - Up to 480MbpsPart Number: 409085$22.95
ATEN  ATEN 4 Port Magnetic USB 2.0 Hub, wo. Power AdapterPart Number: 114716$24.50
ATEN  ATEN USB2.0 Extender Hub - 4-Port USB2.0 - 12MPart Number: 187517$76.05
ATEN : Video Cards - Accessories
ATEN  ATEN VGA to HDMI Converter - With Audio
  • Up to 1080p (WUXGA) Resolution
Part Number: 409091
ATEN  ATEN VGA to DVI converter - VGA in - DVI-D out
  • (1600x1200)
Part Number: 114718
ATEN  ATEN VGA to DVI Converter
  • Up to 1080P (HDTV) or 1920x1200 (PC) Resolution
Part Number: 409090
ATEN  ATEN HDMI to VGA Converter - With Scaler
  • Up to 1920 x 1200 Resolution
Part Number: 409094
ATEN  ATEN VGA to HDMI Converter - With Scaler
  • Up to 1920 x 1200 Resolution
Part Number: 409092
ATEN : Wallmounts - Wallmounts
ATEN  ATEN Mounting Kit - For 57-70cm Racks - BlackPart Number: 409016$176.30
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