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HP : HP Servers - DL160 HP Servers
HP  HP 783370-375 DL160 Gen9 E5-2620v3 LFF AP Svr/PromoPart Number: 389094$2,706.75
HP  HP 769504-B21 ProLiant DL160 Gen9 E5-2603v3 1P 8GB-R H240 8SFF 550W PS Entry ServerPart Number: 389714$2,770.90
HP  HP DL160G8 Server - E5-2603(1/2), 4GB(1/24), SAS/SATA(0/4), HP-3.5, NOCD, B120i, 1U RACK, 1YRPart Number: 217497$2,836.00
HP  HP 830572-B21 ProLiant DL160 Gen9 E5-2620v4 1P 16GB-R H240 8SFF 550W PS Base ServerPart Number: 410582$3,325.10
HP  HP 848825-375 ProLiant DL160 Gen9 E5-2630v4 1P 8GB-R B140i 8SFF 800W PS ServerPart Number: 410584$3,411.00
HP  HP DL160G8 Server - E5-2620(1/2), 8GB(2/12), SAS/SATA(0/4), HP-3.5, NOCD, 1U RACKPart Number: 202566$3,477.40
HP U3A24E 3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty - 6 Hours Call To Repair 24X7 On-Site - For HP DL160 Proactive SupportPart Number: 210923$3,938.55
HP  HP 769506-B21 ProLiant DL160 Gen9 E5-2630v3 2.4GHz 8-core 2P 32GB-R P440/4G 8SFF 800W RPS Perf ServerPart Number: 389435$8,271.55
HP : HP Servers - DL180 HP Servers
HP  HP 778452-B21 ProLiant DL180 Gen9 E5-2603v3 1P 8GB-R B140i 4LFF NHP SATA 550W PS Entry ServerPart Number: 389047$1,898.50
HP  HP 778453-B21 ProLiant DL180 Gen9 E5-2603v3 1P 8GB-R B140i 8LFF Hot Plug SATA 550W PS Entry ServerPart Number: 389048$1,948.10
HP : HP Servers - DL320 HP Servers
HP  HP 717170-371 DL320e Gen8 v2 E3-1220v3 3.1 4-core 1P 4GB-U (1x 4GB) 2x HP LFF Drive Bays B120i SATA RAID Cntlr 1GB Dual-port 332i NIC 1x 300W NHP PSU Base ServerPart Number: 231512$1,300.20
HP  HP 726045-375 ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2 E3-1220v3 1P 4GB-U B120i NHP 300W PS Svr/PromoPart Number: 231508$1,736.60
HP  HP 747090-371 ProLiant DL360e Gen8 E5-2407v2 1P 8GB-R B320i/512 Ht Plg SAS 8SFF 460W PS ServerPart Number: 311493$4,135.35
HP : HP Servers - DL360 HP Servers
HP  HP 755261-B21 ProLiant DL360 Gen9 E5-2603v3 1P 8GB-R H240ar 500W PS Entry SAS ServerPart Number: 375057$3,265.80
HP  HP 780029-375 DL360 Gen9 E5-2603v3 APJ SvrPart Number: 380055$3,282.75
HP  HP 755262-B21 ProLiant DL360 Gen9 E5-2630v3 1P 16GB-R P440ar 500W PS Base SAS ServerPart Number: 379301$4,705.70
HP  HP M7S12A DL360 GEN9 E5-2609V3 SP1324AP SVRPart Number: 402934$5,469.10
HP  HP 733738-371 ProLiant DL360p Gen8 E5-2640v2 2P 16GB-R P420i/1GB FBWC 460W PS ES ServerPart Number: 313774$9,415.75
HP : HP Servers - DL380 HP Servers
HP U6VD2PE 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty - Next Business Day Foundation Care Pack - For HP DL380p G8Part Number: 380665$1,638.35
HP  HP 752686-B21 ProLiant DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v3 1.9GHz 6-core 1P 8GB-R B140i 8SFF SATA 500W PS Entry ServerPart Number: 379428$2,418.80
HP  HP 766342-B21 ProLiant DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v3 1P 8GB-R B140i 4LFF SATA 500W PS Entry ServerPart Number: 379432$2,418.80
HP  HP DL360G8E Sever - E5-2420(1/2) 16GB(2/12) 450GB-SAS(2/4)-3.5, DVD, WS08R2STD, 1U, 1YRPart Number: 213605$3,493.25
HP  HP 752687-B21 ProLiant DL380 Gen9 E5-2620v3 2.4GHz 6-core 1P 16GB-R P440ar 8SFF 500W PS Base ServerPart Number: 379429$3,991.80
HP  HP 777355-375 DL380 Gen9 E5-2640v3 16G 8SFF SvrPart Number: 375056$5,579.30
HP  HP 709942-371 ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server - E5-2630V2(2/2), 32GB-R(2/24), SAS/SATA(0/8)-2.5 P420i/1GB, 2U, 3YRPart Number: 232163$9,614.05
HP : HP Servers - DL385 HP Servers
HP  HP DL385P Gen8 Server - 6320 1P, 4GB(1/24), SAS/SATA/SSD(0/8), P420i/ZM Hot Plug 8 SFF 460W PS, 2U RACK, 3YRPart Number: 225560$2,902.80
HP  HP 703930-371 ProLiant DL385p Gen8 6320 1P 16GB-R P420i/512 Hot Plug 12 LFF 750W PS ServerPart Number: 389389$4,112.80
HP  HP DL385p Gen8 Server - 6344 2P, 32GB(4/24), SAS/SATA/SSD(0/8), P420i/1GB Hot Plug 8 SFF 2x750W PS, 2U RACK, 3YRPart Number: 225564$6,290.80
HP  HP 703932-371 ProLiant DL385p Gen8 6376 2P 32GB-R P420i/2GB Hot Plug 25 SFF 2x750W PS ServerPart Number: 389392$7,379.80
HP : HP Servers - DL580 HP Servers
HP  HP 793308-B21 ProLiant DL580 Gen9 E7-4809v3 2P 64GB-R P830i/2G 331FLR-SFP+ 1200W RPS ServerPart Number: 396555$21,129.00
HP : HP Servers - HP MicroServers
HP  HP 712317-371 ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T 1P 2GB-U B120i NHP SATA 150W PS ServerPart Number: 232726$605.45
HP  HP 819185-371 ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T 1P 4GB-U B120i Non-Hot Plug SATA ServerPart Number: 401764$628.00
HP  HP 819186-371 ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 i3-3240 1P 4GB-U B120i Non-Hot Plug SATA ServerPart Number: 401765$833.70
HP  HP 819187-371 ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 E3-1220Lv2 1P 4GB-U B120i Non-hot Plug SATA ServerPart Number: 402174$1,015.20
HP : HP Servers - ML110 HP Servers
HP  HP 730641-B21 ML10 Drive Enablement KitPart Number: 232637$96.50
HP 794998-375 ML110 GEN9 E5-2603 V3 NHP AP SVR/PROMPart Number: 392605$2,073.95
HP : HP Servers - ML150 HP Servers
HP U7WR1E 3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty - 4 Hours Response 24X7 On-Site Foundation Care - For HP ML150 G9Part Number: 389405$1,658.90
HP  HP L8Z06A ML150G9 E5-2620V3 (1/2), 16GB(1/8), 300GB 15KSAS-2.5(2/8) H240 DVDRW, WS2012 R2 STD 1YRPart Number: 391238$8,120.55
HP : HP Servers - ML350 HP Servers
HP  HP 765819-371 ProLiant ML350 Gen9 E5-2609v3 8GB-R B140i 8LFF 500W PS Entry Tower ServerPart Number: 387922$2,116.30
HP  HP 765820-371 ProLiant ML350 Gen9 E5-2620v3 16GB-R P440ar 8SFF 500W PS Base Tower ServerPart Number: 380348$3,544.10
HP 709486-B21 ML350p Gen8 Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 (3.0GHz/10-core/25MB/130W) Processor KitPart Number: 231131$4,984.00
HP  HP J2Q95A ML350G8P - E5-2620V2(1/2), 16GB(2/8), 300GB(2/8)SAS-2.5 P420I/512, DVDRW, WS2012R2 STD 3YRPart Number: 317696$6,505.90
HP  HP L9C53A ML350G9 E5-2620V3(1/2), 32GB(1/12), 300GB 15KSAS-2.5(2/8) P440AR/2G DVDRW WS2012 STDPart Number: 391072$9,828.95
HP : HP Servers - Options
HP 764646-B21 DL360 Gen9 Rear Serial Port and Enablement KitPart Number: 394444$24.30
HP L2X04AA Desktop Mini 65W Power Supply KitPart Number: 392728$29.60
HP 725590-B21 DL160 Gen9 4LFF Smart Array H240 SAS Cable KitPart Number: 389491$30.35
HP 779611-B21 DL120 Gen9 GPU Enablement KitPart Number: 389697$31.15
HP USB BFR with PVC Free AP-Intl Keyboard/Mouse KitPart Number: 224682$36.30
HP 725593-B21 DL160 Gen9 4LFF w/ P440 Cable KitPart Number: 379487$38.90
HP 764634-B21 DL360 Gen9 SFF USB/VGA Universal Media Bay KitPart Number: 388010$39.05
HP 726565-B21 ML350 Gen9 Graphic Card Support KitPart Number: 379786$39.10
HP  HP A9A48AA 2x Small Form Factor Drive Adapter w. HandlePart Number: 313518$39.60
HP 783008-B21 DL380 Gen9 2SFF Front SAS x4 Cable KitPart Number: 388913$40.45
HP  HP 734206-B21 GPU Enablement Kit WS460c Gen8Part Number: 313098$40.70
HP 725582-B21 DL180 Gen9 Optical Disk Drive Enablement KitPart Number: 389893$40.90
HP 768896-B21 DL380 Gen9 Rear Serial Cable KitPart Number: 388911$40.90
HP  HP 777385-B21 DL60/120 Gen9 4LFF Smart Array H240 SAS Cable KitPart Number: 389698$41.55
HP  HP 765509-B21 DL60/120 Gen9 FLOM Riser KitPart Number: 389432$42.25
HP  HP 766209-B21 DL360 Gen9 SFF Smart Array P440ar/H240ar SAS CablePart Number: 392338$42.40
HP 779622-B21 DL80 Gen9 LFF Smart Array H240 SAS Cable KitPart Number: 389448$42.55
HP 784603-B21 ML150 Gen9 Slim ODD Enablement KitPart Number: 388383$42.55
HP Dbl Mini SAS Y 36in Cable AssyPart Number: 198861$43.55
HP C6N31A Insight Management Media KitPart Number: 373507$44.35
HP  HP 765515-B21 80 Gen9 Full Height Half Length Riser KitPart Number: 389783$44.75
HP  HP 725578-B21 DL180 Gen9 8SFF Smart Array Cable KitPart Number: 390554$45.00
HP  HP FH969AA Intel GBE CT Desktop NIC CardPart Number: 189123$47.20
HP 765652-B21 ML350 Gen9 Flexible Smart Array Controller Mini-SAS Cable KitPart Number: 379791$48.90
HP 777382-B21 DL60/120 Gen9 4LFF w/ P440 Cable KitPart Number: 389702$49.40
HP 777418-B21 DL120 Gen9 8SFF w/P440 Cable KitPart Number: 389691$50.25
HP  HP 820290-B21 ML30 Gen9 Front PCI Redundant Fan KitPart Number: 403614$50.45
HP 777421-B21 DL120 Gen9 8SFF w/H240 Cable KitPart Number: 389692$50.55
HP 779619-B21 DL80 Gen9 LFF w/ P440/P840 Cbl KitPart Number: 389447$51.30
HP 725577-B21 DL180 Gen9 8LFF Smart ArrayCable KitPart Number: 389892$51.60
HP 774619-B21 DL160 Gen9 8SFF Smart Array P440 SAS Cable KitPart Number: 389489$51.60
HP 785989-B21 DL380 Gen9 2SFF x8 Front Cable KitPart Number: 388916$51.60
HP 764757-B21 DL360 Gen9 Location Discovery Service Ear KitPart Number: 388014$51.75
HP  HP 734811-B21 1U Cable Management Arm - For Easy Install Rail KitPart Number: 313100$52.05
HP L4R65AA Desktop Mini 90W Power Supply KitPart Number: 392729$52.15
HP 784606-B21 ML150 Gen9 Mini SAS H240 Cable KitPart Number: 388382$53.20
HP 12.7mm SATA DVD RW Jb KitPart Number: 203371$53.25
HP  HP 738655-B21 PCI Baffle KitPart Number: 379578$53.65
HP  HP 488069-B21 Trusted Platform Module Option Kit - For HP ServersPart Number: 312372$53.90
HP 779861-B21 ML150 Gen9 PCI Baffle KitPart Number: 388385$54.45
HP  HP 764642-B21 DL360 Gen9 Low Profile PCIe Slot CPU2 KitPart Number: 388012$57.20
HP  HP 725586-B21 DL160 Gen9 CPU2 Secondary PCIe x8 1-Slot Riser KitPart Number: 388018$57.35
HP 768884-B21 DL380 Gen9 Location Discovery Service Ear KitPart Number: 388017$57.60
HP  HP 725571-B21 DL180 Gen9 Redundant Fan KitPart Number: 388005$58.40
HP  HP 765514-B21DL80 Gen9 FlexibleLOM Riser KitPart Number: 389782$59.00
HP 664918-B21 1U Gen8 Security Bezel KitPart Number: 399521$59.60
HP 765648-B21 ML350 Gen9 Host Bus Adapter Mini-SAS Cable KitPart Number: 379792$60.30
HP  HP 780310-B21 ML150 Gen9 Dedicated iLO Management Port KitPart Number: 388384$60.45
HP 786710-B21 Gen9 Smart Storage Battery Holder KitPart Number: 389441$61.35
HP  HP 725581-B21 DL180 Gen9 Dedicated iLO Management Port KitPart Number: 379787$61.75
HP  HP 765513-B21 DL60/120 Gen9 Redundant Fan KitPart Number: 388391$61.80
HP  HP 765516-B21 DL80 Gen9 Redundant Fan KitPart Number: 389438$62.35
HP 725576-B21 DL180 Gen9 Graphic Card Adapter KitPart Number: 389430$63.50
HP  HP 726545-B21 ML350 Gen9 SFF Media Cage KitPart Number: 379781$64.00
HP 788355-B21 DL80 Gen9 8LFF NEnablement KitPart Number: 389440$64.20
HP 786092-B21 DL380 Gen9 8SFF H240 Cable KitPart Number: 388917$65.45
HP 788567-B21 ML150 Gen9 9-10LFF Drive Enblmnt KitPart Number: 389442$67.05
(2000 records found)

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