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AverMedia : Scanners - Accessories
AverMedia Microscope Adapters - For AverMedia F50, F30Part Number: 178240$110.70
AverMedia : Scanners - Document Cameras
AverMedia ScannersAverMedia W30 Document Camera - 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera, 16X Total Digital Zoom/Pan, Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture, Up To 30 Frames Per Second, 360 Degree Accessible Remote ControlPart Number: 189753$809.60
AverMedia : Scanners - Document Scanners
AverMedia ScannersAverMedia AverVision SPB350 HD Visual Presenter - With 4X5 Lightbox, 5 Megapixel, 1/2.5" CMOS Color Sensor, 1920x1080 HD 1080p, VGA, DVI, USB2.0Part Number: 178214$1,263.75
Avision : Scanners - Accessories
Avision PAV002-5603-0 Pad Assembly - For AV50F / AV210 / AV220 / AV210C2 / AV220C2 / AV220G / AV220C2+Part Number: 227006$39.60
Avision 3 Years Upgrade Warranty - Return to Base - For Avision FB1200 Bookedge ScannerPart Number: 177903$97.40
Avision ScannersAvision Exactscan Mac OS X Software - Full Version 2 For Avision scanners.Part Number: 112155$138.95
Avision 3 Years Upgrade Warranty - On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision FB2280E ScannerPart Number: 177902$151.80
Avision Exactscan Mac Pro OS X Software - Full Version 2 - OCR, Barcode Recognition - For Avision ScannersPart Number: 186304$170.80
Avision 3 Years On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV176+ ScannerPart Number: 172909$206.20
Avision 3 Years Upgrade Warranty - On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV210D2+ ScannerPart Number: 177906$251.75
Avision 3 Years Warranty Upgrade - OnSite Pick Up & Delivery - For Avision AV186+Part Number: 176544$251.75
Avision 3 Years Warranty Upgrade - OnSite Pick Up & Delivery - For Avision FB5000 Flatbed ScannerPart Number: 176545$278.30
Avision 3 Years On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision FB6280E ScannerPart Number: 172908$516.10
Avision 3 Years Upgrade Warranty - On Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV3200U+ ScannerPart Number: 177904$516.10
Avision 3 Years Upgrade Warranty - On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV6600 ScannerPart Number: 177905$516.10
Avision W3AV3222 Warranty Upgrade To 3 Years - On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV5400Part Number: 231901$723.60
Avision Warranty Upgrade to 3 Years OSPD - To Suit for Avision AVK220CFBPart Number: 130143$795.70
Avision ScannersAvision ADF4030G Auto Document Feeder Option - 50ppmPart Number: 121296$958.75
Avision ADF4030 Auto Document Feeder Option - 20ppm, To Suit AV8000S/AV8050S/DS8000CPart Number: 121295$1,178.10
Avision 3 Years Warranty - On-Site Pick-Up & Delivery - For Avision AV8350Part Number: 180198$1,929.15
Avision : Scanners - Document Scanners
Avision Warranty Uplift to total 3 Years - for AV220C2+ Document ScannerPart Number: 148119$309.90
Avision ScannersAvision AV50F Portable Document Scanner - A4, 600dpi, 15ppm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0Part Number: 126216$361.50
Avision ScannersAvision FB2280E Bookedge Document Scanner - A4, Flatbed, 600dpi, ID Card Scan, Color Charged-Coupled Device (CCD), Color Mode 48 Bits Input 24 Bits Output, Grayscale mode 16 Bits Input 8 Bits Output, USB2.0Part Number: 176539$423.50
Avision ScannersAvision AV176U Document Scanner (A4) - 600dpi, 30ppm, 60ipm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0
  • For Windows
Part Number: 211600
Avision ScannersAvision AV610C2 Document Scanner - A4, 600dpi, 20ppm, ADF, USB2.0Part Number: 121279$612.90
Avision ScannersAvision AV176+ Document Scanner - A4, 1200dpi, 20ppm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0Part Number: 162884$617.10
Avision ScannersAvision AV620N Document Scanner w. Network (A4) - 600dpi, 20ppm, 40ipm, ADF, True Duplex, USB2.0
  • For Windows
Part Number: 211597
Avision ScannersAvision AV220D2+ Document Scanner - A4, 600dpi, 60ppm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0Part Number: 134516$1,265.95
Avision ScannersAvision AV2800 Network Document Scanner w. Network - A4, 600dpi, 20ppm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0Part Number: 123989$1,470.65
Avision ScannersAvision AV280 Document Scanner (A4) - 600dpi, 70ppm, 140ipm, ADF, Duplex, USB2.0
  • For Windows
Part Number: 211601
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