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8WARE KVM/Switch Boxes - V8WARE 8-Port HDMI Splitter - 1080pPart Number: 194881$175.90
8WARE KVM/Switch Boxes - V8WARE 8WD-MS0801 8 To 1 HDMI Switcher & Scaler with Remote Control - Double Switching Modes, IR Remote Control & Manual - BlackPart Number: 210880$210.20
8WARE KVM/Switch Boxes - V8WARE HDMI over CatX 8 port Splitter - 1080p Up to 50m - Includes 8x RecieversPart Number: 231654$456.35
Alogic KVM/Switch Boxes - VAlogic HD15S02 2-Port VGA Video Splitter - 1920x1440 @ 60GHz MaxPart Number: 367869$40.10
Alogic KVM/Switch Boxes - VAlogic A8HDPS 8-Port HD Video Splitter with Signal Auto Detect & HDCP CompliantPart Number: 380139$199.15
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VGA EDID Emulator - For KVM or Video ExtenderPart Number: 311335$20.80
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN 2 Port Video SwitchPart Number: 114761$43.90
ATEN 2-Port 250MHz Video SplitterPart Number: 28671$44.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-491 Video Switch - 4-Port VGAPart Number: 74903$61.50
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-132A 2-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134679$67.45
ATEN 4-Port 250MHz Video SplitterPart Number: 28672$68.60
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS0102 2-Port VGA Splitter with Audio, Up To 1920x1440, 450MHz Video BandwidthPart Number: 225687$79.50
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-98A Video Splitter - 8-Port VGA, up to 65mPart Number: 74905$84.35
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS481A HDMI Switch w. IP Remote - 4-Port HDMI v1.3b, 1080p, HDCPPart Number: 134675$87.80
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS0201 Video Switch - 2 Port VGA With Audio and RS232 ControlPart Number: 231634$89.25
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VB100 1x Input/ 1x Output VGA Video Amplifier - 1280x1024 (70m), 1920x1080 (30m)Part Number: 231486$94.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN CS22D-AT Petite 2-port USB/DVI-D KVM Switch w. Built-In Cables - 1.2mPart Number: 312053$94.65
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN 2x Input/2x Output Video Matrix SwitchPart Number: 114750$112.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VC010 VGA EDID Emulator - Signaling Rates Up To 2.25 Gbits In Support Of 1080p Display, LED Indication Of Video Source Devices, Supports Wide Screen - BlackPart Number: 375150$113.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VC060 DVI EDID Emulator - Signaling Rates Up To 2.25 Gbits In Support Of 1080p Display, LED Indication of Video source Devices, Supports Wide Screen - BlackPart Number: 375151$113.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VC080-AT HDMI EDID Emulator - HDMI (3D, Deep Color), HDCP Compatible, Supports Dolby True HD And DTS HD Master Audio - BlackPart Number: 375246$113.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-0401 VanCryst 4-Port VGA Video Switch with Audio And RS232 Control Part Number: 315451$117.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-134A 4-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134680$117.10
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS182 HDMI Splitter - 2-Port HDMI v1.3, 1080p, HDCPPart Number: 96015$120.55
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS0104 4-Port VGA Splitter with Audio, Up To 1920x1440, 450MHz Video BandwidthPart Number: 225688$128.70
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-481B VanCryst 4-Port HDMI Video Switch - Supports 340MHz Bandwidth For Ultrahigh 4KX2K Video, Dolby True HD And DTS HD Master AudioPart Number: 389962$135.30
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS261 2-Port DVI Video Switch - Fully Compliant With DVI-Digital & DVI-Analog, Audio Enabled, Remote Or LED Push Button Selection, Stackable DesignPart Number: 74891$135.30
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VS-881 Video Switch - 8-Port VGA, with IR Remote ControlPart Number: 74907$147.30
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN 8-Port Video Splitter - 450Mhz, 2048x1536, 60Hz, Up to 65mPart Number: 134681$170.90
ATEN KVM/Switch Boxes - VATEN VE803 VanCryst HDMI + USB Over Cat5 Extender - 1920x1200 @ 60Hz up to 60mPart Number: 231627$183.05
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