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Shuttle : Cases - Accessories
Shuttle PHD4 3.5" HDD Rack - For XH81, XH97V Series ProductsPart Number: 374917$20.90
Shuttle : Computer Systems - BareBone - Accessories
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle A068 Rear Interface - 2x Serial Port, 1x Print Module - For Shuttle X50 SeriesPart Number: 172536$15.85
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle PS01 Stand - To Suit Shuttle XG41Part Number: 173191$33.95
Shuttle PF22, G2 CosmetiX Make Over Package, Create your own XPC Front Face!Part Number: 50126$34.00
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle PV02 VESA Mount Accessory - To Suit Shuttle XG41Part Number: 173192$36.05
Shuttle FM10 Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle K45/SE SystemPart Number: 173209$77.90
Shuttle XS35-MB Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle XS35 SystemPart Number: 178843$77.90
Shuttle FG41J Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SG41J SystemPart Number: 173210$79.20
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle FA76v2 Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SA76G2 v2 SystemPart Number: 178839$101.65
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle FG31 Replacement Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SG31G2Part Number: 169906$125.05
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle FN68S Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SN68SG2 SystemPart Number: 178844$128.05
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle FN78 Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SN78SH7 SystemPart Number: 178840$138.60
Shuttle FG33 Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SG33G5/M SystemPart Number: 142288$171.60
Shuttle FH55 Motherboard - To Suit Shuttle SH55J2 SystemPart Number: 173208$196.70
Shuttle : Computer Systems - BareBone - AMD
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle DSA2LS Slim PC Barebone
  • ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core (1.0GHz), 1GB-RAM, 4GB-eMMC, VGA, HDMI, USB, GigLAN, Wi-Fi
  • Android 4.2
Part Number: 318660
Shuttle : Computer Systems - BareBone - Intel
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle XS35GS V3L Desktop Barebone
  • Atom D2550(1.86GHz), 2xDDR3 SO-DIMM, 1x2.5" SATA HDD, 1xMini-PCIE Slot, 1xSD Memory Card Reader, HD7410M, V0GA, HDMI, USB2.0, 3Chl-HD Audio
Part Number: 218541
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle XH81V Slim Barebone
  • LGA1150, H81, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, 2xSATA-III, 1xSATA-II, m-PCIE, DisplayPort, HDMI, 2xRS232, 4xUSB2.0, 2xGigLAN, 6Chl Audio
  • NO O/S
Part Number: 373472
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle DS81 Slim PC Barebone
  • LGA1150, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, 1xSATA-III, 1xSATA-II, 1x Full Size Mini-PCI-E, 1x Half Size Mini-PCI-E, USB3.0, DisplayPort, HDMI, RS232, 2xGigLAN, HD Audio
Part Number: 315404
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle XH81 Slim Barebone
  • LGA1150, H81, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, 2xSATA-III, 1xSATA-II, m-PCI-E, DisplayPort, HDMI, 4xUSB2.0, 2xRS232, 2xGigLAN, 5Chl Audio
  • NO O/S
Part Number: 373471
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle XH97V Slim Barebone
  • LGA1150, H97, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, 3xSATA-III, 2xRS232, 1xPCI-E, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB3.0, GigLAN, 6Chl Audio
Part Number: 375108
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle DH170 Slim PC
  • Support Intel Skylake Core i3/i5/i7, H170, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, SATA-III, USB3.0, Mini-PCIE, M.2 2260 Type B, VGA, HDMI, 2xGigLAN
Part Number: 402457
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle DS57U Slim PC Barebone
  • Celeron 3205U(1.50GHz), 2xDDR3-L, SO-DIMM, SATA, Full size Mini-PCI-E, Half Size Mini-PCI-E, WiFi-n, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB3.0, 2Chl Audio
Part Number: 390406
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle SH97R6 Barebone - 300W PSU
  • LGA1150, H97, 4xDDR3-1600, 4xSATA-III, 1xeSATA, 1xPCI-Ex16, 1xPCI-Ex4, VGA, 1xGigLAN, 8Chl Audio
Part Number: 375120
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle DS57U5 Slim PC Barebone
  • Core i5-5200U(2.20GHz, 2.70GHz Turbo), 2GB-DDR3-L, SO-DIMM, SATA, DisplayPort, HDMI, RS232, USB3.0, WiFi, HD-Audio
Part Number: 390803
Shuttle : Computer Systems - PCs - All in One PC
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle X50V4-B All-In-One Barebone PC - Black
  • Celeron 2957U(1.40GHz), 15.6" Widescreen, 1xDDR3-SODIMM, Intel HD, NO ODD, WiFi, Webcam, GigLAN, Card Reader, USB3.0, VGA, HDMI, NO O/S
Part Number: 388406
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle X50V4-W All-In-One Barebone PC - White
  • Celeron 2957U(1.40GHz), 15.6" Widescreen, 1xDDR3-SODIMM, Intel HD, NO ODD, WiFi, Webcam, GigLAN, Card Reader, USB3.0, VGA, HDMI, NO O/S
Part Number: 388407
Shuttle Techbuy Australia - Shuttle X70M All-In-One Multitouch Barebone
  • LGA1155, 18.5" Panel, H61, 2xDDR3-SODIMM, NO HDD, ntel HD, NO ODD, GigLAN, HDMI, HD Audio, USB3.0, NO O/S
Part Number: 212635

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