Otterbox iPhone 5 Case Options

Otterbox is a company which produce protective cases for phones. Otterbox have produced cases for numerous companies including Apple. In fact Otterbox, along with Griffin provide the bulk of “tough” cases for the more popular phones such as the iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the new iPhone 5. Otterbox have a range of protective cases for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. Headlining phones such as the iPhone 5 receive more cases and colour options that other, less popular phones. The first case is the Defender Series, it was the original case available from Otterbox for the original iPhone. The Defender Series is a 3 layer protective case that is resistant to drops, dust and scratches. It has built-in screen protector, polycarbonate inner layer, silicone outer layer, port covers to keep out dust and the debris and a belt-clip holster. This was originally the most popular touch case, however over the past few years Otterbox scrimped on materials and dropped popular features (such as port plugs) from the deign. Because of customer feedback the iPhone 5 case has a thicker silicone layer along with the return of plugs for ports.

The Commuter Series is a cheaper and less protective but still efficient against wear and tear. The Commuter Series has 2 layers for protection including the silicone inter layer and the polycarbonate outer layer which outstands drops, bumps and shocks.

also contains a self-adhesive screen protector that prevents scratches. Its almost as sturdy and reliable as the Defender Series but its still a cheaper and less protective version. Some of our customers complain the Defender is difficult to get out of their pocket because it has a silicone outer layer. We recommend the Commuter if you prefer a smooth plastic outer that allows easier access to a pocketed phone.

The Reflex Series has not been available for many phones or tablets but is making a return for the iPhone 5. Price wise it sits in between the Defender and Commuter. The Otterbox Reflex series provides a two piece slider which is thin and lightweight and is made of polycarbonate. Same as the Commuter Series it has a self-adhesive screen protector that prevents the screen from getting scratched. Also it has air pockets in the corners which absorb drops and bumps.

Next in line is the Prefix Series, which is one of the simplest and less protective series but still reasonably durable. It has a silicone outer shell with internal polycarbonate backbone and a self-adhesive screen protector. After the Prefix Series we have the Impact Series which is Prefix Series but without the polycarbonate skeleton. Defender, Commuter/Reflex, Prefix and Impact are the Otterbox Cases in order from most to least protective. With one of these protective cases on your iPhone you can walk freely and use your phone whenever you want without the risk of scratching it or dropping it.

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