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C11CA93031, PP100AP, PP-100AP, EPSONPP100AP, EPSON-PP100AP, EPC11CA93031, N/A
Epson DiscProducer PP-100AP
The reliable Discproducer print-only model, Autoprinter, is ideal for use with high-speed duplication systems. It has all the features you need to print up to 100 customized discs at a time at a fast print speed of 95 discs per hour. And with its vibrant six-colour inkjet printing, precision AcuGrip™ robotic arm and easy-to-use software you get the high quality results you're looking for every time.
Features and Benefits
  • 100 disc capacity
  • Prints up to 95 discs per hour
  • Highest quality printing in its class
  • AcuGrip™ technology minimizes two disc feeding
  • Six high capacity, cost-effective ink cartridges
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Compact rugged construction for top reliabilit
Compatible with Mac and Windows OS
Best–in–class printing
The Epson Discproducer features a built–in Epson inkjet printer with Epson’s patented MicroPiezo technology. Using six colours instead of the common four, it delivers the highest print quality available in its class for crisp, clear text and vibrant graphics at up to 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution. In addition, ink level status is shown with a LED readout for each colour to prevent printing without ink.

Best–in–class Cost per Disc
Thanks to Epson's individual inks system, the cost of each produced media is low as you only need to replace the colour used and, depending on the print image, you can produce over 1,000 discs from one set of cartridges. And when a cartridge becomes empty, the PP-100AP automatically stops printing until it’s replaced to avoid miss-prints.
The Epson Discproducer also provides you with more affordable disc duplication and printing. Cost per Disc calculations are based on Epson's Internal Testing with a set of new ink cartridges.
Cost-effective mass printing
  • Fast: With the Epson Discproducer™ PP-100AP, up to 50 media per hour can be printed in brilliant photo quality. If faster printing is more important to you, then the rate can be increased to as much as 95 media per hour.
    Print capacity: Epson makes mass printing easy. Up to six Epson Discproducer™ PP-100APs can be controlled in parallel from one PC. In this way, you can increase your print capacity at each workstation to 300 media per hour with the highest quality setting or 570 media per hour in high-speed mode.
  • Long-lasting: The Epson Discproducer™ PP-100AP has been designed to have a service life of more than 100,000 discs. The user friendly maintenance cartridges need to be changed after approx. 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 discs. This will keep your Epson Discproducer™ PP-100AP in top condition. The sealed housing, which protects against dust, and the patented AcuGrip™ robotic arm also contribute to the exceptionally long service life.
  • Photo quality: Epson’s Micro Piezo™ technology with six different colours also offers exceptional quality with large print quantities. Impress your clients with vivid, razor-sharp images printed on high-gloss, smudge-proof and waterproof media recommended by Epson. Economical: Enjoy the benefits of extremely low print costs. The low purchase price of the Epson Discproducer™ PP-100AP, the high volume ink tanks and the very long service life make this possible. One ink set can print the entire surface area of well over 1,000 discs. Separate colour cartridges minimise your operating costs as you only need to replace the colour that‘s used up.
 AcuGrip™ Built to perform
Unlike other disc publishers, the Epson Discproducer features patented AcuGrip picking technology which ensures that only one disc is placed in the drive or printer even if two are stuck together. The arm has a guide that places it in the center of the disc. Then three independently powered fingers extend to separate the top disc from the remaining discs. Finally the peel off lever (or kicker lever) lifts the top disc for transportation. If more than one disc is lifted, they will be put in the reject stacker or the system will indicate an error has occurred. This technology not only increases the life of the product, but helps protect against the interruption of unattended production runs due to mechanical blockage.

  Micro Piezo Print Head
MicroPiezo® print heads are at the heart of every Epson ink jet printer. These print heads spray ink through microscopic nozzles, or holes on the print head. Each of these nozzles has tiny, piezo electric elements, which vibrate tens of thousands of times per second, allowing the nozzle to fire ink droplets onto the disc at extremely rapid rates. No heat is involved in the printing. This ensures greater accuracy when firing ink droplets precisely onto the disc. And, it gives the printer greater control over ink droplet size. MicroPiezo technology ensures uniform, stable ink droplets with virtually no satellites or misting all of which means you get the high quality results you’d expect from Epson.
Building on the Strength and Experience of Epson Robotics
When you build industrial robots, you learn about quality, reliability and precision engineering. And Epson is a world-leader in the design, development and manufacture of such robots as for medical technology and airbag testing. That’s why our other products are so reliable – because they are built on the platform of knowledge and experience gained from the robotics environment. The Epson Discproducer™ is a perfect example. Its compact design, coupled with its dust-proof body and a minimum of moving parts, delivers precision performance, superb reliability and amazingly low running costs.
Effortless Operation
The Epson Discproducer™ PP-100AP is just as easy to operate as any office printer. The use of the software and hardware is intuitive, leaving you free to concentrate on your day-to-day work.
With the Total Disc Maker software, it is easy to create your own printed image for CD/DVD. Whether you want to use photographs, graphics, text or pre-existing templates, there are virtually no restrictions on your creativity.
In the final step, you can select the ideal
quality and speed setting for your project:
Quality: 50 media per hour
Speed: 75 media per hour
High-speed: 95 media per hour
The maintenance cartridge is very easy to change.
PRODUCT TYPE Disc Publisher Autoprinter
PRODUCT NAME Epson DiscProducer PP-100AP

50 discs/hour, (level 1)
75 discs/hour, (level 2)
95 discs/hour, (level 3)

  DVD-R, DVD+R Maximum 12 x
  DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL Maximum 8 x
POWER CONSUMPTION 50 W (Operation), 30 W (Standby)
ELECTRICAL Rated Voltage AC100V to AC240V
  Frequency 50hz to 60Hz
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 377mm (w) x 465mm (d) x 348mm (h) (Excluding the AC cable & USB cable)
WEIGHT Approximately 22Kg
(Including stackers and ink cartridges, excluding the AC cable and discs)
ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS Temperature and Relative Humidity 10 C to 35 C, 20% to 80% (no condensation)
EXPECTED LIFETIMES Ink Pad Life Approx. 30,000 printable discs **
PRINTER MODE Print Head Black ink 180 Nozzles, Colour ink 180 Nozzles x 5
  Print Direction Bidirectional or unidirectional
  Print Resolution Level1 (High-resolution): 1440 dpi 1440 dpi
Level2: 1440 dpi 720 dpi
Level3 (High-speed): 720 dpi 720 dpi
[dpi: dots per 25.4 mm (1 inch)]
PRINT AREA Standard setting for outside diameter 116 mm
  Outside diameter setting range 70-119.4 mm
  Standard setting for inside diameter 45 mm
  Inside diameter setting range 18-50 mm
  Guaranteed print area 45-116 mm
  Printable area of EPSON-specified discs 25-116.5 mm (0.98 to 4.59 inches)
STACKER CAPACITY Stacker 1,2,3 50 discs (It's possible to print 100 discs without stopping by using both stackers 1 and 2.)
  Stacker 4 5 discs
INTERFACE 1 x USB 2.0 High speed Only  
INK CARTRIDGE Ink Type Dye ink
  Colours Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Black
  Yield *** 1,000 discs or more (diameter 45 - 116 mm, 16.7% colour sharing, continuous printing, mode setting: Level 1)
  Cost per disc Cost per Disc calculations are based on Epson's Internal testing. For further details please see Disc yields page.
  Total Disc Maker Installed on the user's PC to publish discs.
  Total Disc Monitor Displays the status of JOBs and devices.
  Total Disc Setup Installed on user's PC to set-up PP-100AP.
  TD Bridge system Incorporation tool to use with other applications, supplied free via the website on product registration.
LABEL EDITING Template Up to 58 templates
  Background Full-filled, gradation, graphic, including EPSON original background files (up to 74 files)
  Printing items  
  Text strings, automatic inserted strings (published date, created date, counter, number of sheets, number of pages), writing face gearing strings (date size, volume label/title), arch style strings
  Graphic BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EPSON original graphic files (up to 81), trimming, transmit
  Thumbnail tile, circle, gearing with writing surface
  Folder list Create folder list automatically
  Diagram Straight line, rectangle, oval
PUBLISHING   Publishing modes (number of copies)
  Batch mode: 1- 100, 3 stackers used
  Standard mode: 1- 50, 2 stackers used
  External output mode: 1- 5 CDs/DVDs, 2 stackers & pick-up tray used
STATUS MONITOR Job monitoring Job status, Canceling, Pausing, Restarting
  Device monitoring Ink remaining, Drive status, Printing status, Stacker status, Media remaining
  Total Disc Maker Installed on the user's PC to publish discs.
  Total Disc Utility Displays the status of JOBs and devices and change the publish settings. Click here to register.
LABEL EDITING Printing items  
  Text strings, automatic inserted strings (published date, created date, counter, number of sheets, number of pages), writing face gearing strings (date size, volume label/title)
  Graphic BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, AI (For PDF and AI files are available only they can be previewed from Finder.)

QR(model 2),

PUBLISHING   Publishing modes (number of copies)
  Standard mode: 1- 100
  Low volume mode: 1-20 (Stacker 3 is used in this mode)
  Data comparing Data comparing is selectable (audio CD not supported)
  Label type Epson specified CD/DVD Label
CD/DVD Premium Label
CD/DVD Label
  Number of discs 1 disc to 100 discs (depends on publishing mode)
STATUS MONITOR (Total Disc Utility) Job monitoring Job status, Canceling, Pausing, Restarting
  Device monitoring Ink remaining, Drive status, Printing status, Stacker status, Media remaining
REQUIRED PC ENVIRONMENT Operating System Windows 7, Vista SP1 or later; Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows 2000 SP4 or later , Server 2008 R2, Server 2008 SP2 or later; and Server 2003/2003 R2 SP2 or later (Windows XP and Server 2003/2003 R2 32 bit only)
  CPU Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.4GHz or higher (2.0GHz or higher for Server 2008)
  Memory 2Gb or larger (Vista: 1Gb or larger)
  HDD 30 Gb available space or larger, (50Gb available space Windows Server 2008) 7,200 rpm or more
  Graphics environment XGA or more, 65,536 colors or more
  Sound environment A sound device and a supported driver must be installed for music media.
  No supported chipset list (ATI) ATI's Southbridge IXP (SB)460 or earlier chipsets not supported
  Interface Universal Serial Bus Specifications Revision 2.0, Transmission speed: 480 Mbps (High-speed Device)
REQUIRED MAC ENVIRONMENT Operating System Mac OS 10.7.3 Lion, Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
  CPU Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard : Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or more, Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion : Intel 64bit CPU
  Memory Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard : 1GB or larger, Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion : 2GB or larger
  HDD 25GB available space or larger, HDD rotation speed: 7,200 rpm or more
  Graphics environment Graphics environment: XGA or more
  Interface Universal Serial Bus Specifications Revision 2.0, Transmission speed: 480 Mbps (High-speed Device)
SIZE Outside diameter 120 mm 0.3 mm
  Inside diameter 15 mm + 0.1/-0 mm
  Thickness 1.2 mm + 0.3/-0.1 mm
FORM   Supports standard 12 cm (4.7 inch) discs
Does not support specially-shaped disks.
LABEL TYPE Epson Specified CD/DVD Label
CD/DVD Premium Label
CD/DVD Label
SURFACE Inkjet printable
(Note: As for printable glossy discs, only Epson recommended discs are supported)
Ink cartridge cyan PJIC1(C) C13S020447
Ink cartridge light cyan PJIC2(LC) C13S020448
Ink cartridge light magenta PJIC3(LM) C13S020449
Ink cartridge magenta PJIC4(M) C13S020450
Ink cartridge yellow PJIC5(Y) C13S020451
Ink cartridge black PJIC6(K) C13S020452

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