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A 4U case is a type of computer case that is designed to be 4U high, which is approximately 7 inches (178 mm). 4U cases are typically used for servers, storage arrays, and other types of equipment that requires more space than a standard computer case. 4U cases are available in both slimline and bulky varieties, and can be used for a variety of different types of systems. 4U cases are generally more specialized than standard computer cases, and are not as widely used. However, for those who need the extra space and functionality that a 4U case provides, they can be an excellent choice.

  • Chenbro RM42300
    Chenbro RM42300 17.5" Compact Industrial Server Chassis - 4U
  • Intel P4304XXMUXX
    Intel P4304XXMUXX Server Chassis - 4U 4x Fixed 3.5" Drive Sleds, 2x Hot-Swap Fans, 4x Fixed Power Connectors, 1x 4-port Fan-Out SATA Cable, 1x Hot-swap Bezel, For Intel Server Board S2600CW
  • Supermicro SYS-7049GP-TRT
    Supermicro GPU SuperWorkstation 7049GP-TRT - Dual Socket P LGA 3647, PCI-E3.0 x16, 7.1 HD Audio, USB3.0(5), USB2.0(4), VGA, 2200W PSU, 4U Rackmountable / Tower
  • TGC DH-4024-12GB-02
    TGC DH-4024-12GB-02 4RU 24 x 3.5" Hot Swap HDD, 12GB SAS backplane, ATX, 2 x 2.5" HDD Internal, FH Expansion Slots, 2U PSU Required
  • TGC TGC-44650
    TGC Rack Mountable Server Chassis - 4U
  • TGC TGC-H4-650
    TGC Rack Mountable Server Chassis Case 4U 650mm Depth with ATX PSU Window - no PSU
  • TGC CAT-416A
    TGC TGC-416A Rack Mountable Standard Server Chassis 4U - 10 x 3.5" HDD + 1 x 2.5" HDD/SSD + 3 x 5.25" Bays
  • TGC TGC-4450SG
    TGC TGC-4450SG Rackmount Server Chassis, No PSU - 4U 450mm Depth with ATX PSU Window
    APC Service Bypass Panel- 230V; 100A; MBB; Hardwire input; (3) 30A Hardwire Output
    APC Symmetra RM XR Frame w/4 SYBT2, 220-240V
  • ASUS 90SF00H1-M00380
    ASUS GPU Server Server Chassis - 4U 8x Hot-Swap 2.5" HDD, USB3.0, USB2.0, VGA
  • Pelican BB0040
    Pelican BlackBox Rackmount Case - 4U
  • PowerShield PSVR4
    PowerShield Vertical Rack with 4U Vertical Capacity
  • Supermicro SYS-7039A-I
    Supermicro 7039A-ISuperWorkstation - Dual Socket LGA3647, PCI-E 3.0 x16, HD Audio, USB3.0(6), USB3.1(2), VGA, 1200W PSU, 4U Tower
  • Supermicro SYS-7049A-T
    Supermicro 7049A-T SuperWorkstation - Dual Socket LGA3647, SATA3, PCI-E 3.0 x16, HD Audio, USB 3.0(6), USB3.1(2), VGA, 1200w PSU, 4U Tower
  • Supermicro SC745TQ-R920B
    Supermicro SC745TQ-R920B SuperChassis 4U Server - 920W PSU, Black 2xUSB2.0, 3x8cm PWM Fan, 8x3.5" Hot-Swap SAS/SATA, E-ATX
  • Supermicro SYS-7049P-TR
    Supermicro SuperServer 7049P-TRI - 4U Tower LGA3647, DDR4-2666MHz, M.2, SATA3(8) , PCI-E 3.0 x16, VGA, USB 3.0(2), USB 2.0(2), 4U Rackmount
  • TGC TGC-415A
    TGC TGC-415A Rack Mountable 4U Server Chassis, 415A, 10 x 3.5" Bays, ATX, 7 x Full Expansion Slots, Suits ATX PSU, USB 2.0, 550mm Depth
  • TGC TGC-43400
    TGC TGC-43400 Rack Mountable Server Chassis - 4U - 400mm Depth
  • TGC TGC-4450MG-2
    TGC TGC-4450MG-2 Rack Mountable Server Chassis 4U 570mm Depth, 6x Ext 5.25" Bays, 4x Int 3.5" Bays, 8x Full Height PCIE Slots, ATX PSU/MB RM400
  • TGC TGC-4550HG-7
    TGC TGC-4550HG-7 Rack Mountable Server Chassis 4U with 3 5.25" slot, 4 HDD Bays, 1 optional 2.5” HDD Bay
  • TGC TGC-T300
    TGC TGC-T300 Rackmount 4U Server Chassis, CPU WaterCooler, ATX, 3 x 3.5" Bays, 1 x 2.5" Bay, 7 x Full Hright Exp Slots, Suits ATX PSU, Front Secuirty Door
  • Netstor NA265A-XGPU-R
    Netstor NA265A-XGPU-R Elite Rackmount GPU Enclosure - 4U
  • Netstor NA265A-XGPU-S
    Netstor NA265A-XGPU-S Elite Rackmount GPU Enclosure - 4U
  • TGC TGC-4824
    TGC TGC-4824 4U 24-Bay Hot-Swap Server Case - No PSU, Rackmountable 3.5"/2.5" Hot-Swap HDD(24), 3.5" HDD(2), SFF-8087 mini-SAS(6), USB2.0, 80mm Fan(2), EEB
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