Visual compairson of popular waterproof cases for the iphone 5
Otterbox Armor - Incipio Atlas - Griffin Waterproof Survivor - Lifeproof nuud

Waterproof cases for mobiles started with the Lifeproof case. Sure there were clunkly Pelican cases availble for a long time, however users lost most of the phones functionality. You were essentially using a sealed box for your phone. Not much fun really. The original Lifeproof case was a hit, and while stock took (and still takes) ages to arrive in Australia almost every unit Techbuy sold was met with a grin.

Since the original Lifeproof case (for the iPhone 4) there have been a number of competitors. While the tough case sector is full of cases that all offer similar functionality with different looks, the waterproof iphone 5 case is somewhat different. The four in this line up offer very different levels of protection, different closeure methods and materials. Overall they are all waterproof (we hope). Instead of doing the usual "here is a phonecase, we are putting it in a bucket of water", Techbuy is offering a closer look at the different features of each case. Sure there are manufacuter photos available from each brand, but we wanted you to have a closer, more realistic look, to help you select your new waterproof case! Looking for more lifeproof cases?

Home buttons on waterproof iphone 5 cases

Inner padding on waterproof iphone 5 cases.

Volume buttons.

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