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Where can I buy Video Cards?

You can buy video cards from Techbuy Australia. We have a wide range of video cards for all your graphic needs. You can purchase the video card to make your computer graphics come to life. We sell GeForce PCI 2xx to 7xx and others, Radeon PCI Ex R7, Ex R8, EX r9 and variants, as well as external video cards, AGP, PCI, video cards for graphic design like CAD, and other video card accessories. You can also buy video card accessories like cable, adapters, converters. Browse through our wide selection of video cards and bring all those colours to life only here with Techbuy Australia.

How much is a Video Cards?

The price of video cards depends on the features available from the video card.

If you are on a budget, there are video cards priced below $100 could handle everyday graphic needs. There are also mid-range video cards priced above $100, all the way up to $300+ for 1080p resolution.

For high end video cards in the 1440p resolution, price range from $300 - $700. Price range for 4K/multi Monitor video cards is somewhere in the $1100 range.

When do I need to replace my Video Cards?

When to replace your video cards depends on what you are after when it comes to graphics. If you are just using your PC for ordinary everyday work like encoding and light gaming and watching movies or the latest internet clip, then the installed video card in your current PC can handle it. There are video cards for hard core gamers offering high resolution and faster graphic processing. There are also video cards that come with features for specific media industry, like Matrox that offers video cards for post video production.

Who makes a good Video Card?

Two of the most recognized brands for video cards are NVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon. When it comes to video cards for gamers, video cards for graphic designers, or even just video cards for normal office use, both companies have it. There are other manufacturers who use and support the technology of both major brands such as Palit, Sapphire, Leadtek and Asus. Matrox offers a line of video cards for film enthusiast, offering specialized functions so you can shoot, edit and produce film production for tv, cable, or web broadcast in high definition.

Who sells Video Cards?

Techbuy Australia sells video cards for all your graphic needs. We sell video cards for ordinary office needs. We sell video cards for computer games if you are a hard core gamer, we also sell video cards for graphic artist or video cards specially designed for film makers. Whatever your video needs, we sell and you can buy the best video cards to make your graphics come to life.

What type of Video Cards do I need?

The type of video card you need depends on your PC usage. For ordinary, normal day to day PC use such as for data encoding, watching videos or movies or for ordinary games, the basic video card or built in video card of your motherboard would suffice. But if you are a hard core gamer, then you would need faster and more expensive video cards that offers larger memory capacity and faster processing times. You will need and benefit most with CAD - 3D video cards if you are into computer aided design. You will need video cards with extra features geared for film and TV broadcast production if you work in that field.

What do I need to upgrade a Video Card?

What you need to upgrade the video card of your current PC system is a new video card that offers faster graphic processing using the latest in graphics and video technologies. At the same time, your motherboard must also be able to support the video card upgrade. To ensure you are getting your moneys worth, ask a qualified IT personnel to make sure you are getting the right video card upgrade for your graphic needs.

Where is the best place to purchase a Video Card?

The best place to buy video cards is here at Techbuy Australia. We offer you a wide selection of video card for all your graphic needs from top manufacturers such as Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon. You can buy the best video cards from your favourite brands such as ASUS, Leadtek and Matrox. Order is fast and easy, and we offer flexible payment options and various shipments options that you can choose from.

Bring the shapes and colors to life with the best video cards for your PC made available for you by Techbuy Australia.

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