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Where can I buy Power Supply / Supplies?

You can buy power supplies right here at Techbuy Australia. We have a wide selection of power supplies for school, office, or personal needs to make sure your PC system is running at its full potential. You can buy partially modular or modular power supplies to give you the peace of mind that your PC system has all the safe, stable, and efficient power supply for your computer needs.

How much is a Power Supply?

Depending on your power needs, there are good and dependable power supplies available that would not burn out your pocket, ranging from below $50 and those priced above that but below $100. The price of a good power supply increases with its PSU efficiency rating, with Standard 80 Plus rating being the most affordable, followed by Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the most expensive are those that are rated as 80 Plus Platinum. The price can also differ from company to company.

One rule of thumb when buying power supply is to always get the best out of your money. You may be spending more for a pricier and more efficient power supply, but at least you can be assured they will keep your system running at its peak performance in reliability and safety.

When do I need to replace my PC Power Supply?

Even if you are just using your computer for ordinary day to day activities, the power supply that it came with would most probably be able to handle the job. But still, for that peace of mind that your computer is running safe and in full power, an upgrade to a better and more efficient power supply than the one your PC system came bundled with would not hurt if you can afford it.

Especially when you are adding or upgrading your PC system for some serious power usages, it would be best and a must to invest on a good and dependable power supply. Power supplies are mostly taken for granted compared to other parts of a computer like hard disk, memory, graphics cards and CPU, but let’s not forget that though the CPU may be the brain of your computer, the power supply is like its heart, and none of the computer parts will be working without the power juice to keep them running.

Who makes good Power Supply / Supplies?

Antec, OCZ, CoolerMaster, SilverStone, Corsair and Seasonic are just among the top brands when it comes to power supplies, ensuring your PC gets reliable and stable power output for even the most demanding of needs. But even the top names can have duds and new models from upcoming manufacturers will have their shining moment. So before you go out to buy a power supply, check the reviews from trusted sites for all the latest in power supplies. Techbuy Australia has all the power supplies from the top brands and other power supply brands, and once you know the power supply you need, we have then and you can buy them here at Techbuy Australia.

Who sells Power Supplies?

Techbuy Australia sells power supplies for all your power needs. We sell power supplies from the top power supply brands available to ensure that you have the widest possible choice in getting the right power supply for your needs. Whether you are looking for hard cabled power supply, partially modular power supply or for full modular power supply, we have them here available for you.

What type of Power Supplies do I need ?

An efficient power supply unit is always best for your computing needs. A Power Supply usually is rated with an efficiency rating like 80 Plus, which is the minimum standard for power supplies. What this means is that the power supply is efficient in using 80% of its rated power wattage as power for your PC, and the remaining 20% are lost as heat. Highly efficient power supply units are made with better components, they waste less of the power and they generate less heat, which contributes to less fan noise. 80 Plus rated power supplies are classified into 5 categories, ranging from the Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and all the way to Platinum rating, which offers the best and most stable power supply for your money.

The type of power supply you will need depends on some factors such as your present computer setup and the power needs that you are using and would be using in the months ahead. If you are just an ordinary computer user with light usage when it comes to power, a small upgrade to give you balanced and reliable power supply output is possible without hurting your pocket.

Serious computer usage that demands consistent power output at all times like working with demanding computer tasks would benefit from using a PSU with a rating of at least 80 Plus Bronze, Silver or Gold, though these PSU cost more the higher the rating.

What do I need to upgrade a PC Power Supply?

To upgrade to a better and more efficient power supply, its best and simple to buy a brand new power supply to replace the one currently in your PC system. Power supplies are self-contained units, and though it is possible to tinker and upgrade certain parts inside if you have the know-how, this is not advisable.

When upgrading to a new power supply, make sure that it is compatible with your current PC setup. A computer technician can make sure that you are getting the perfect match and fit of a power supply for your PC system.

Where is the best place to purchase a PC Power Supply?

The best place to buy power supplies in Australia is right here at Techbuy Australia for all your power needs. We have the best selection of power supplies to keep your PC plugged, powered and running. We have the best power supplies from the top brands to guarantee you reliable and stable power supply even in the most demanding of power consumption. You can buy power supplies for home, power supplies for gaming and power supplies for office use. Ordering is easy, and we offer flexible payment and delivery options for your power supply needs.

Make sure your PC system is running with safe, reliable and consistent power output for all your PC use, get the best power supplies for your computer right here at Techbuy Australia.

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Top rated products for Power Supplies

Corsair 1000W HXi Series HX1000i PSU - ATX 12V v2.4, EPS 2.92, 140mm Fan, Full Modular Cables, 80 Plus Platinum Certified12x SATA, 8x PCI-E 6+2-Pin
Part No. 368026
Corsair 750W HXi Series HX750i PSU - ATX 12V v2.4, EPS 2.92, 140mm Fan, Full Modular Cables, 80 Plus Platinum Certified12x SATA, 6x PCI-E 6+2-Pin
Part No. 368027
Corsair 1200W HX1200i HXi Series Power Supply - ATX 12V v2.4, EPS 2.92, 140mm Fan, Fully Modular Cable, 80 PLUS Platinum Certified12x SATA
Part No. 393747
Corsair 1000W RM1000i RMi Series Power Supply - ATX 12V v2.4, EPS 2.92, 135mm Fan, Modular Cable, 80 PLUS Gold Certified12x SATA
Part No. 395768
EVGA 1000W 220-P2-1000-XR - ATX 12V, EPS 12V, 120mm Fan, Fully Modular Cables, SLI/Crossfire Ready, 80PLUS Platinum Certified10x SATA, 2x PCI-E 6-pin, 6x PCI-E 6+2-pin, 5x Molex
Part No. 311532
Seasonic 760W Platinum Series - ATX 12V, EPS 12V, Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan, Full Modular Cabling Design, 80 PLUS Platinum Certified10x SATA, 4x PCI-E 8-Pin, 4x PCI-E 6-Pin
Part No. 223857
ThermalTake 550W Toughpower PSU - ATX 12V v2.3, EPS 12V v2.92, 120mm Fan, Flat Modular Cables, 80 PLUS Gold Certified8x SATA, 2x PCI-E 6+2-Pin
Part No. 319355
Corsair 850W HX850 HX Series Fully Modular Power Supply - 80PLUS PlatinumATX(1), EPS(2), Floppy(1), 4-Pin Peripheral(6), PCI-E(6), SATA(8)
Part No. 421202
Corsair 550W CX550M CX Series Power Supply - ATX 12V/ V2.4, EPS 2.92, 80 PLUS Bronze CertifiedSemi-Modular ATX, 120mm Sleeve Bearing Fan, ATX, EPS, 2x PCI-E, 5x SATA, ATX
Part No. 407878
Corsair 1200W AX1200i Digital PSU - ATX 12V v2.31, EPS 2.92, 140mm Fan, Modular Cable, 80 PLUS Platinum Certified16x SATA, 6x PCI-E 6+2-Pin
Part No. 205564
SilverStone 600W SX600-G SFX Series - ATX 12V v2.3, 80mm Fan, Modular Cables, 80 PLUS Gold Certified4x SATA, 2x PCI-E 8-Pin, 2x PCI-E 6-Pin
Part No. 374144
Corsair 750W HX750 HX Series Fully Modular Power Supply - 80PLUS PlatinumATX(1), EPS(2), Floppy(1), 4-Pin Peripheral(4), PCI-E(4), SATA(8)
Part No. 421201
ThermalTake 750W Toughpower Series - ATX 12V v2.3, EPS 12V 2.92, 120mm Fan, Flat Modular Cables, 80 PLUS Gold Certified12x SATA, 4x PCI-E 6+2-Pin
Part No. 365844
HP JG900A 300W 58x0AF Back (Power Side) to Front (Port Side) Airflow AC Power Supply
Part No. 373313
HP JG901A A58x0AF 300W DC Power Supply
Part No. 373645
HP JC680A 650W AC Power Supply - For Selected HP Stackable Switches
Part No. 399019
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