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Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards are specifically designed to increase effectiveness of boardroom meetings, classroom lectures, corporate presentations and training. Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards will allow any kind of organization to share information without restraints among participants, presenters and even those people who cannot attend in their conferences. The key word here is engagement. They bring remarkable improvement to your business in terms of communication, learning as well as collaboration, and incorporate features like recording of information written on the board when there is a classroom lecture or a meeting and even PC linking.

If you are looking for an electronic whiteboard that includes all the bells and whistles, then Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards is the best choice for you. Ease of setup and use, as well as the obvious benefits gained when using an interactive whiteboard is just the start. Panaboards eliminate the need for note taking due to the simple record/sharing function. You can effectively share broadcast on the board via print outs or softcopy. This is excellent – people who are not in attendance during the presentation can have a copy or even receive it via email.

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Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards are also very easy to use. They are stand alone and have full menu options but you can also use them in conjunction with your notebook or a desktop computer. Panaboards can increase the level of student engagement by increasing interactivity. Clients and management will be impressed by presentations using a Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards.

You will achieve the right result during your presentation because of the accessibility of this electronic whiteboard. You can easily display web pages, photos and videos hassle free - and you can add annotations using the Panasonic electronic pen to further add notes and interact with board from distance. They are specifically designed to help the people - making their task easier and faster.

Without a doubt, Panasonic Panaboard Interactive Whiteboards are indeed very beneficial when it comes to generating, communicating and writing presentations. They are a very affordable price in the market that will suit anyone’s budget.

  • Logitech 960-001332(SCRIBE)
    Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera - Off White 1080p at 15 fps, Bluetooth, AES-128 Encryption, Built-in AI
  • LG 55TR3DK-B
    LG 55TR3DK-B interactive whiteboard/conference display 139.7 cm (55") 3840 x 2160 pixels Touchscreen Black
  • LG 65TR3DK-B
    LG 65TR3DK-B interactive whiteboard/conference display 165.1 cm (65") 3840 x 2160 pixels Touchscreen Black
  • LG 86TR3DK-B
    LG 86TR3DK-B interactive whiteboard/conference display 2.18 m (86") 3840 x 2160 pixels Touchscreen Black
  • Microsoft NSG-00007
    Microsoft Surface Hub 2S interactive whiteboard 127 cm (50") 3840 x 2560 pixels Platinum, 50", 3840 x 2560, 3:2, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, Miracast, USB, Mini-DisplayPort, Etherne
  • Microsoft VXV-00011
    Microsoft Surface Hub 3 50 inch Commercial
  • Microsoft VY7-00011
    Microsoft Surface Hub 3 85" interactive whiteboard 2.16 m (85") 3840 x 2160 pixels Touchscreen Platinum, 85" 3840 x 2160 16:9 PixelSense™ IPS LCD Touch, Intel i5, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Gigabit LAN, WLAN, B
    NEAT NEATBOARD-FLOORSTAND interactive whiteboard accessory Mount Black, Silver
    NEAT NEATBOARD-WALLMOUNT interactive whiteboard accessory Mount Black
  • Yealink ETV65
    Yealink ETV65 Extended Touchscreen for MeetingBoard65
  • Yealink ETV86
    Yealink ETV86 Extended Touchscreen for MeetingBoard86
  • Yealink 3311041
    Yealink FloorStand for MeetingBoard 65
  • Yealink 3311043
    Yealink FloorStand for MeetingBoard 65
  • Yealink MB65-A001-WHITE
    Yealink MeetingBoard 65"/MB65-A001 White - LED-backlit LCD display - 4K - for interactive communication - Teams/Zoom/BYOD - smart whiteboard
  • Yealink MB86-A001-WHITE
    Yealink MeetingBoard 86"/MB86-A001 White - LED-backlit LCD display - 4K - for interactive communication - Teams/Zoom/BYOD - smart whiteboard
    NEAT Board interactive whiteboard 165.1 cm (65") 3840 x 2160 pixels Touchscreen Black HDMI, 65", 120 ° FOV, 12 MP, 4x Zoom, 5 Mic Array, Wi-Fi, black
  • Yealink 3311044
    Yealink FloorStand for MeetingBoard 86
  • Yealink 330100056002
    Yealink MB-FloorStand-860 2.18 m (86") Silver Floor
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