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  • Overview

    Developed by Eugen Systems, R.U.S.E is set to refresh the strategy genre, introducing deception techniques that will let you bluff your enemy in order to lead your nation's army to victory. Camouflage your troops, lure your opponent with decoy units, sabotage his logistics: strategy is intuitive and carefully thought out at the same time.
    R.U.S.E. features cutting edge graphics and effects, the outstanding IRISZOOM Engine, immersive combat and a simplified interface that allows you to determine your nations strategy to defeat your enemies.


    Dimension is one of the fundamental aspects of R.U.S.E. The IRISZOOM Engine displays maps a hundred times larger than in traditional RTS games, which makes raises strategy to an unprecedented scale and gives deception a lot more depth. With the zoom, you are able to both command your units as a chief-in-command and manage your troops at a tactical level as a ground officer, for example by deploying a fake offensive on your opponents HQ while carefully hiding your infantry in villages to ambush the surrounding tanks.
  • Deception

    Deception is the essence of R.U.S.E.s gameplay, just as it is the core of warfare: deception techniques such as espionage, decoys and radio silence played an essential role during World War II and continue to figure in modern conflicts. R.U.S.E. features deception cards also known as ruses that let you apply a deception technique to a specific sector in the map. The ruses are split into three categories :
    - Reveal: these ruses such as the Spy Plan or Decryption are useful in order to understand or uncover your enemys actions.
    - Hide: the Radio Silence or Camouflage Net will let you hide your troops or buildings from your opponents radar.
    - Fake: the last category of ruses is used to trick your enemy, to make him believe what you want him to believe. The Decoy Offensive simulates an attack to confuse your adversary.


    Because fooling real people is the ultimate thrill, multiplayer plays a critical part in the R.U.S.E. experience. Stay tuned for more details on multiplayer modes and co-op gameplay very soon!
    If you want to know more about R.U.S.E., be sure to check the description of the ruses, the factions, the scenario.
  • The Ruses

    R.U.S.E. offers a refreshing way of playing strategy games : bluffing and fooling your opponent. To do so, R.U.S.E. introduces a new concept, called the ruses. The ruses are deception cards based on the tricks used by military chiefs during wartime. So far there are ten different deception cards in R.U.S.E. that we will be unveiling progressively. Below you will find a short description of those we have revealed since the game announcement in February.
    To know more about the ruses, make sure to read the in-depth interview with Stephan Hernandez, game designer on R.U.S.E.
  • Radio Silence

    Hides all units in the sector : all allies units disappear from the enemy intelligence system. Units created by the player will remain hidden from the enemy detection system as long as they do not leave the affected area.
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  • Spy Plan

    Reveals unknown units in the sector : all unidentified units in the sector are revealed. Units created by the player will remain hidden from the enemy detection system as long as they do not leave the affected area.
  • Decryption

    Reveals all enemy orders in the sector : all enemy orders in the sector are shown. Orders represented by red arrows allow you to see the enemy troops actions one step in advance.
  • Decoy Offensive

    Creates 5 decoy units to simulate an army : decoy units are produced and launched in this sector to simulate an attack.
  • Camouflage Net

    Hides all buildings in the sector : All allies buildings disappear from the enemy intelligence system.
    Create camouflaged factories behind enemy lines and produce armies that the opponent does not expect to fight.
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