For the wise business-minded person, it doesn't matter if the stakes are high just as long he gets the right investment. That's why iPhone 5s sells. Furthermore, he would choose something that could protect his investment. Have the same mind set when deciding for your iPhone5s case. It's not only your life, your house and your car that needs protection. Your phone needs one too. Go for Case-Mate Tough iPhone 5s Case to have that dependable hard shell coating without compromising style.

Tough Doesn't Mean Bulky

Case-Mate has definitely captured the essence of this case selection in the name per se – Tough. Sporting a slim, two-piece design, the Case-Mate Tough iPhone5s case has been manufactured for enhanced shock dispersion and impact resistance. This 5” x 2.4” casing with an overall thickness of 0.5” has a shock-absorbing flexible bumper installed which provides your phone with a secure and snug fit.

Also, it has precisely-aligned covers and cutouts. This would make charging your device and plugging in the earphones easy and enjoyable. However, the case kind of covers the speakers, muffling its audio whenever the loudspeaker is activated. If you're not fond of the loudspeaker and you're willing to trade it off for the slim, elegance flair and the protecting capability of the casing, then Case-Mate Tough is a smart choice. After all, only too few iPhone5s cases can pull off preserving the integrity of Apple's design.

Allows for a Nice Grip too

Weighing only half a pound, this baby already hugging would surely feel as if your phone is still caseless. This would be an extremely helpful investment for the butterfingered as this case's exterior has a textured, rugged and sporty finish, easy to grip on.

Tough Combo Item to Purchase

The case has a nice protruding lip above the screen, implicating that your screen is well better off protected whenever a fall may occur. Others boost this protection even more by purchasing a Tech Armor Premium High Definition (HD) Screen Protector. Tech Armor already has released protectors which would perfectly fit the iPhone5s screens.

Minimalist Style, Business-Savvy

Case-Mate Tough cases are available in 4 two-tone solid colors plus in black and in white. There's Marine Blue and Titanium Grey, Lipstick Pink and Flame Red, Violet Purple and Pool Blue and lastly, Emerald Green and Chartreuse Green. Whether you're a kindred-spirit or a business professional, there's a Case-Mate case for you.

For the individualists who abhor commonality, you may opt to have a custom case, which you personally designed, made for you.

A Little Less or a Little More than Tough

If you deem that the Case-Mate Tough case line is a still a little bulky for you, you may opt to go for the Case-Mate Barely There cases. As the name suggests, you wouldn't notice that your iPhone5s case has a casing. In contrast, if your activities require you to have a casing that is a little tougher than tough, then there's the Case-Mate Tough Xtreme line.

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