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A fabulous Home Office Printer

The MFC-J220 is a really nice printer. Its features are endless, the build quality is superb, and its incredibly reliable. It looks great too and is perfect for a home office.

James Case-Mate Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus 09-04-2012 5/5 Star Review

Great case

had the case now for a month, very nice. A Friend got the iPhone one 2 years ago and it still looks brand new - hes a tradie so his is subject to a lot of wear and tear. The double skin adds suprisingly little bulk to the phone but

Gives the phone a military hardware feel - wouldnt look out of place in Stargate.

Very happy with the case, and also how it came so quickly from Techbuy too! Cheers.

Alan Microlab Solo 7C Gamers 2.0 Speakers 07-04-2012 5/5 Star Review

Excellent value

Having bought 2 sets over a 2 month period, I can say that these speakers are fantastic value for money.

The construction is top notch. The speaker boxes themselves are sturdily built and will stand up to a fair bit of punishment. It helps that they look quite stylish in a reserved kind of way.

Connectivity is good, though I would have liked a headphone out port. No complaints otherwise. The wireless remote control is a fantastic addition.

Matthew Brother MFC-J220 03-04-2012 5/5 Star Review

Great - once you figure it out :S

Wow. What a mission. This is a great product and Im generally very happy with it. But I just want to mention a few things to prospective buyers. The instructions are extremely useless. Who wrote them?! Theyre just awful. They dont go into anywhere near enough detail. So take your time. Also, its best if you install this at the same time as your board as in order to install the backing plate you have to remove your motherboard from your case. All in all, the fans are much quieter than the stock amd fan that was on my cpu, and the cpu now runs usually about 10 degrees C cooler than it did before.

John Antec Kuhler h3O 920 CPU Cooler 02-03-2012 3/5 Star Review

Everything you need and nothing you dont

Im running this board with an 8-core amd cpu and 16gb memory. The board comes with everything you need and nothing you dont (well, almost - who uses floppy these days? I mean, seriously?). Heaps of SATA plugs, heaps of pci-e ports and even a couple of pci ports for those old outdated cards (mind my stubborn opinion). The layout of the card slots is fairly logical too and means that if you install a graphics card that takes up two slots, youre not really going to lose that much (I mean, come on, how many pci/pci-e slots do you need? The board has everything youre going to need on-board, bar of course wireless and bluetooth). One thing I particularly like is the number of cpu/case/chassis three and four pin power connectors on the board - very nice if youre paranoid about cooling.

The only problem Ive had so far is I couldnt get SLI to work. I bought two x 1gb nvidia graphics cards, identical, and just couldnt get it to work. Both cards worked ok and windows could see them both fine, but I couldnt get the option to appear in the nvidia control panel to enable sli no matter what I set in the BIOS or otherwise. This may not be a problem with the board, I really dont know, but in any case I just ended up giving one of the card to a friend that needed and upgrade as really one card is enough for me. Who can say, overkill?

Im very happy with the board and think its certainly good value for the price.

John Asrock 990FX Extreme4 Motherboard 01-03-2012 4/5 Star Review

Easy to use/great display/looks good

First let me say that it is no Canon and simply no rival even at a more expensive price.

It looks good and it has an absolutely magnificent display with an easy to use touchscreen. It has a duplexer added on the back for two sided printing but unfortunately it wont scan from the automatic document feeder on two sides of the loaded documents like the Canon MP 830 it is replacing.

It turns on fast and ready to print much quicker than the Canon and its print speeds are fast. I was after a printer with all in one capabilities as well as being out to print on CDs and DVDs, they are becoming increasingly hard to find with an included ADF.

If I didnt need the CD/DVD printing aspect I would have gone for a Canon MX 885 which is a superior printer. The Artisan has a flimsy build in comparison and a particularly flimsy paper tray that if not extended all the way and locking mechanism turned up will just spit the paper out on the floor.

It only has a paper tray underneath with limited capacity even though that is not a concern of mine. Unfortunately it has six cartridges and they are expensive with a replacement set up costing half the price of the printer, but we all know that companies are making their money out of their ink and not their printers. The fax and scanner work well and are easy to use. The CD DVD tray ejects only partially under the display making it very hard to put the CD in but the printing works quite well with the included software.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase even though this might seem like a critical review, there was no other option and dam you Canon for not including the CD DVD printing capabilities in your MX 885.

Dorothy Epson Artisan 837 Colour Inkjet Multifunction Centre 01-03-2012 3/5 Star Review

Xigmatek Elysium

this is a big case, i got this to mod and water cool.

techbuy was very good, nice quick delivery and well wraped(xigamtek need to box their product a little better)

but very good product, well built, even for the price bracket.

very good value for money

Chris Xigmatek Elysium Super Tower Case 24-02-2012 5/5 Star Techbuy Review

Everything you need and nothing you dont

A wonderful case, I love the design. Its just so logical. Whoever designed it certainly put a lot of thought into it. It makes good use of the available space inside the huge tower.

My only criticisms are that it doesnt come with any 5.25 - 3.5" bay converters and the only 3.5" bays for hard drives are not really in a place that would get great ventilation, so I wouldnt want to put high-end drives there, better putting them in the 5.25" bay which can be cooled more easily. Further, the absolutely massive side fan doesnt really do much, doesnt push a lot of air. It would be nice if the case came with the option of closing that gaping hole so air being pushed in through the front and sucked out through the back was doing so in a vacuum and would be much more effective.

But this is probably just me whining. At the end of the day this is definitely one of the best full tower cases Ive come across and is definitely worth the asking price and more. If you need a dogload of space for storage devices, this case is brilliant.

John iCute Super18 5G1-BB Tower Case 23-02-2012 4/5 Star Techbuy Review

SSD used for OS partition

The improvement to boot up time when using the SSD is now 1:04 which is a substantial improvement. Applications now load almost instantly. Anti Virus and backup programs also working faster. Email downloading and AV checking seems faster. Nice having the 3.5 inch bracket and screws included. Used EaseUS software (free) to copy Operating System partition to SSD.

Matthew OCZ 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk Vertex 2 13-02-2012 5/5 Star Review

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